Clubpenguin Times Issue #203

Hey guys! The CP Times Issue #203 have arrived! Let’s check it out! XD

The headlines shows the Fun Fair! It will start tommorow! AWESOME!

Ok, Let’s look at the underlined words. Remember to use all your tickets before logging out, because you can not save them like your coins. The Great Puffle Circus is members ONLY, meaning non-members are not allowed to participate the special event. It is located at the Forest. Last, the Fun Fair will be on for only 10 days, so enjoy it while it’s still on!

This is a map of where all the tents will be. There are 5 in total, there may be more.

101 Days of Fun is going great!

For September 4th, it says to go to the cove and turn into a ninja, wait for a while, and a surprise will come out! Could it be a ninja puffle, just like the white puffle? Who knows! Find out tommorow when the Fair is on!

This week’s In Focus is about the Migrator! Arrrrr, ye ship is me best ship ever built! LOL! :p

This week’s Top Secret is the tricks and tips to play Treasure Hunt, located in the Migrator’s Captain’s Quaters!

Upcoming events #1

Upcoming events #2



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