About Me

Hey guys! Here are some information about me!

My name is Joji and my Club Penguin user is Joji H. I am a teen, and regularly play Club Penguin.
My favorite mini game would be Dance Contest, and I change styles when the new Penguin Style comes. I have many freinds and a few beta tester freinds too.

This is my most favorite outfit for 2010!

My favorite video game is Lego Wars (DS), since it combines stradegy and action!
The funny thing is that I sorta like some Shojo Anime even though I’m male, and my favorite food is sushi and curry rice.
I don’t like sports that much, but I do swimming quite a lot, especially in the summer.

I’m also a gamer! In fact, I play many other games besides Club Penguin. If you want, you can meet me in the following:

Halo: Combat Evolved [User: Jojih]
Halo 2 [Gamertag: Joji1200]
Cross Fire: Rival Factions [User: Jojih]
Travels of Wiglington and Wenks [User: Joji]

Lastly, I am quite freindly, and is nice to anyone, well that’s all for now! C ya!



29 Responses

  1. heyy calvin and hobbes is really funny its my favorite comic!

  2. WOW!!! hey joji you and i have ALOT in common!! I love calvin and Hobbes,i collect Lego,love to draw and make comics,but i dont have a blog,it seems fun though,were can you start one?

  3. Canada, eh? You know, that is where they hire moderators!
    All you have to do now is wait till you’re 18 and pass a background check!
    Lucky… LOL!
    Nice site!

  4. To Uh:
    i konw! I’m movin to Kelowna BC when I’m 20 years old.
    Kelowna BC is the home of “CLub Penguin” company!

    To Loki120o:
    LOL Ic you have many things in common. You can start your own blog at “wordpress”, “blogrole”, “googlepages (not recommended)”… and I think that’s all I know.


    • ur so lucky, imagine i got the same job as you and we both met each other and became best buds

      • Yep! Imagine that… lol.

      • whats your job?

  5. Hello!

  6. hey! im a teen too!! im 13. wbu?

  7. Cool!


  8. I like Calvin and Hobbs too its so funny!

    P.S. Can you send me a comment on my blog?

  9. Wait my website is…


    and can you be my buddy an Club Penguin?! Thanks! Zubby1st out!

  10. Okay thanks! BTW On the comment sections the little mini picture——> it’s the same as when I comment on Lux’s site….?

  11. That’s your ID picture. It will be the same anywhere you comment as long as you use the same email and user name you type in the leave a comment fields.


  12. I.D. pic? well, how is it the same, it’s not, like, randomized, I post here, use same e-mail somewhere else, and the pic is always the same because of the e-mail?

    • Ya…


  13. hey joijih i live in canada to i live in toronoto and i am a big fan of you plzz tell me wat software you use for

    • I use the following softwares:

      -Microsoft Word
      -Microsoft Paint
      -Microsoft Gif Maker
      -Photoshop Elements 7
      -Comic Life Deluxe Edition

      The Microsoft ones are free, and the rest, you have to buy em. Photoshop and Comic Life came with my laptop. 🙂


  14. hi im davis 12 plz add me

    • Sure, when do you want to meet?


  15. Joji, your name is really (censored #1). and this site is (censored #2). and i know you dont really swim.

    • Censored #1 : Mehhh best to keep it a secret. XD

      Censored #2 : How about you make your own blog and realize that making a very nice blog with all those graphics is not that easy.

      WTF… of coarse I can swim, I’ve been getting swimming lessons since when I was 7 or 8!

      Uhm… that was fail. -_-



  17. Why am I not allowed to shorten up Ashraf’s review for those
    “I-don’t-llike-reading-so-much” people?

    No worries! I was just a bit board yesterday. So ‘guess I didn’t right a good review.


  18. I wrote a better one today, so it should be better. 🙂


  19. i really like your site!! we should talk some time!! 😀

  20. u rock

  21. Lol I don’t really like sports either…except Soccer…

  22. I started swimming lessons when I was…I think 5! HA! Lol. I was allowed to start swimming lessons early, because at the beach I would keep running in the water over my head…

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