Fun Fair ’09 / Rockhopper’s Arrival!

Fun Fair ’09

Yaaaayyyy! The Fun Fair has arrived, at it’s way bigger than EVERRRR!

How to get tickets – Start up!
Ok, before you go crazy playing all those Fun Fair games, here is how you get the tickets. Clikc on the “ticket like icon on the top right of your screen.

There are 3 steps to get tickets, and redeem them for prizes! Remember, YOU CAN NOT SAVE YOUR TICKETS AFTER YOU LOG OUT, SO SPEND THEM WISELY!!!

Fun Fair Decorations

Town – A nice colourful partly like theme.

Night Club – Get groovy and hip hoppy in the Night Club!

Iceburg – Bounce around slide around at the Iceburge full of balls with a slide!

The Fun Fair Games!!!

Now there goes the fun part! I’ve been working all morning for 3hrs just to get these pictures for you guys!

Here is how the walkthrough is going to be like.

Here are all the game attractions around the island!
The Fair Games – Beach

[Memory Card Game – Beach]

[Ring The Bell – Dock]

[Puffle Paddle – Snow Forts]

[Balloon Pop / Puffle Soaker – Game Room (north of Snow Forts)]

[Puffle Shuffle – Forest]

[Feed-A-Puffle – Cove]

We start off with Memory Card Game. It is located at the Beach.

You play the game by matching the cards together to make pair. The game will record the ammounts of time you missed and made a pair, then it will show the result when you finish the game.

We now move on to the Dock. There is 1 event and Juice like station… O_o

This game is Ring the Bell. The game is popular, since you can earn lots of tickets in minuits!

To play the game, aim for the center, and when the power meter goes up to green, release! You can earn 25 points every time you suceed, and it’s an easy way to get lots of tickets! In just 1 min, you can get around 125 tickets!

This game is called Puffle Paddle. It’s a fun game where you bounce puffles on your paddle, and it get’s quite fustrating when more puffles arrives!

The game starts with a single blue puffle. You make the puffle bounce on your paddle, and you get points! It’s that simple! 😉

BUT! More puffles arrives, and there comes the tricky part! It doesn’t matter if 1 falls down. As long as you still have 1 lest paddling, the game will never end. When you have no more puffles that are below your screen, then it’s game over! Results will show on how much combos you did and etc.

This Party Room was MEMBERS ONLY last year. Now it’s open to all non-members too! Go there to visit two more events.

There are two games, one is Baloon Pop, and the other one is Puffle Soaker.

This game is called Baloon Pop. It’s a fun game where you control the air baloon, and pop those targets to get tickets!

Your mouse is the “blower”, meaning the fan moves the air baloon around. Watch out for those cactuses cause you will loose a life if you hit one of those! You have 4 chances in total.
Aim carefully at the targets, move your mouse towards the target and make it pop towards the cactuses!

Aproximatly 5 tickets will fall out. Catch as many as you can!

The next game is Puffle Soaker. It’s pretty much a a game where you aim-and-shoot!

Aim for the puffles. Press left, up, or right to change your standing position. Press space to squirt water onto the puffles. Every time you hit a puffle constantly, there will be a combo. DO NOT aim at Aunt Artic, Gary, or Captain Rockhopper, ’cause you will lose 5 points every time you hit them.

Beaware of Java Beans, Fish, and Pizzas. They will fly at you and you will lose points. Duck to prevent them from hitting you. You will earn 1 point every time you duck.

We now move on to the next attraction… but while visiting the Plaza, I’ve noticed something that CP have not done for a while. The puffle sign have turned 3D! This is quite amazing. I’m not sure if this is new or not, but it looks stunning! I hope CP will continue to use 3D rather than 2D to make it more like “your in the game”.

We now arrive at the forest. The game is called Pufle Shuffle… man there is LOTS of games related to puffles…

There will be 3 hats and 3 puffles. They will hide in them.

Watch carefully to where each puffle is hidden in each hat.

They will ask where one of the puffle will be. Answer it correct and you will get 5 points. Answer it incorrectly and lose a life. You have 3 chances in total.

The last game is Feed-A-Puffle. In this game, you pretty much feed puffles with Puffle-Os… except the box is shaped like a gun and you aim at the puffles to feed ’em!

Aim at the puffles, and click to shoot the puffle-os. If they go into the Puffle’s mouths then you score a point! The box has aproximatly 120 puffle os, so use them aim carefully. If you don’t want to play the game anymore, then click a lot to empty out the box. Then you will get the result and get the tickets. If you just exit the game, you will not get the tickets.

Some puffles like the Red Puffle will not open up their mouths for the first few secounds, and open their mouths after. Some puffle may take carefull aiming since they open and close a lot, and some may open their mouths after 5 secs. As more puffles appear, you can score greater points.

Prize Booths

There are two kinds of Prize Booths. One for everyone, and one for Members only.

This is the the Prize Booth for everyone. It is blue, and its located at the Forest.

Here are the list of prizes and the cost of it:
•Featherd Tiara – 100 Tickets
•Cotton Candy Pin – 50 Tickets
•Pink Star Top Hat – 100 Tickets
•Beacon Fair Background – 50 Tickets
•More Prizes To Come!

This is the secound Prize Booth. It is red, and it’s members only. It is located in the Great Puffle Circus area. To go there, you must first go to the forest, and walk up north to wherer the sign says “Great Puffle Circus”.

Here are the list of prizes and the cost of it:
•Circus Tent Igloo – 700 Tickets
•Teddy Bear – 200 Tickets
•Ring Master Top Hat – 110 Tickets
•Ring Master Outfit – 300 Tickets
•The Fair Background
NOTICE! Some bloggers have said that why you buy the Circrus Tent Igloo, there is a glitch where your tickets are not spend yet. AWESOME!

Members Area – The Great Pufle Circus

The Great Puffle Circus is a Members only area. It is located north of the Forest.

When entered, you will see the red Prize Booth, and the Great Circus Puffle!

In the big tent, you will find a yellow puffle. You can select which act you want to watch by clicking the different colours of buttons that look like puffbles above the yellow puffle.

Here are some acts:


Here is a short Description of all the Puffle Acts:
•Black Puffle – Black puffle catches on fire and spins through the Circus Tent
•White Puffle – White puffle walks out with beard, it falls off and the curtain drops
•Red Puffle – Red puffle shoots through flaming hoops
•Pink Puffle – Pink puffle walks up diving board, gets googles on and dives into pool
•Green Puffle – Green puffle gets on unicylce and juggles balls on a tightrope
•Blue Puffle – Blue puffle bounces on ball
•Purple Puffle – Yellow puffle makes purple puffle disappear

Other Funky Rooms!

funky rooms1
Cave (Underground Pool)

funky rooms2
Skii Hill

funky rooms3
Lighthouse Beacon

funky rooms4

Never before seen items!

secret item
The never before seen items are the purple hat and the mustache.
Credit goes to Trainman1405 for the picture!


Rockhopper’s Arrival!

Rockhopper have came back! His ship is located at the Beach. Yarr is also with him too since I couldn’t find him anywhere in the ship.

Let’s see what he brought from Rockhopper Island… oh! A sort-of-rare item! It’s the Winged Viking Helmet! Other than that, he brought some sort of orange hat, glasses like thing and girrafe items for your igloo! There are no hidden items at all. 😦

Well, that’s everything! Enjoy the Fun Fair and Rockhopper’s visit while it’s still there!



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  1. ok not too shabby

  2. I wish rockhopper was back at the island and in the secret catalok ther was a pink puffle and that he stays ther for 2 months

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