Card Jistu Fire Guide

Hockeysocks3’s Card Jistu Fire Guide

Welcome to my Card Jistu Fire Guide! In this guide, you will learn how to become a Fire Ninja in a few days or so!

First, open your map and go to the Dojo Courtyard. Then go into the Ninja Hideout and enter the entrance to the Ninja Fire Dojo. Once you are on top of the Ninja Fire Dojo, talk to Sensei!

While you are talking with Sensei, he should give you a “Fire Booster Deck”. These are extra cards to help you defeat your opponent in the Card Jistu Fire game.

Now that you received your cards, let’s start training! When you start the battle and it is your turn, Your job is to pick one of the random stones in the middle. This stone you choose will narrow down your options of the element you want to challenge your opponent to.

So you click a stone. Let’s say you get the number “4”. You then have the options of Fire or Water. You go ahead and pick fire. Your goal is to have the highest fire card out of everyone.

If you get the highest card number out of everyone, you win that battle. In addition, your energy remains, but your oppenent loses one energy life. The objective of the game is to bring your opponent’s energy down to 0!

You will continue to do this several times in the game until someone’s energy reaches to 0. The player with their energy down to 0 loses the game. The person who has any remaining energy points at the end of the game wins! Not hard, right?

After 6-8 games of playing Card Jitsu Fire, you will unlock your first piece of the Fire Ninja Suit; the Fire Ninja Sandals. Every time you beat a level, you will unlock a piece of the Fire Ninja outfit. Once you have mastered Card Jitsu Fire you will have unlocked every piece to the Fire Ninja Suit! Give the game a try and don’t give up! It’s not that hard and if you play a few times, You will get the hang of it!

Beating sensei

After you get all the items, it”s time too face Sensei to get the “Fire Gem” for your amulet!

After you beat him you get the “Fire Gem”! After that, there is nothing much for your to do except face other players, or face Sensei again. There will be future Card Jistu game such as “Card Jistu Water” and “Card Jistu Snow”. Stay tuned for more guides coming up!

I hope this guide helped all of you guys. What did you think? Was it useful?

Here’s a fun video of the game! Enjoy!

Original Author: ~h~s~3~
Re-edits: ~Joji~


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