Complete List of Cheats and Glitches


new gide comeing sooon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Key board short cuts for emotes (Press one key, and hold it. THen press the other key to activate emote.)


ET shows a music note and makes a noise
EI shows an igloo
EP shows a blue puffle
ES shows a skull
ED shows a sun(the D stands for day)
EF shows a flower
EG shows a game controller
EH shows a red heart
EL shows a fourleaf clover(the L stands for lucky)
EZ shows a slice of pizza(the Z stands for the z’s in pizza)
EC shows a cup of coffee
EN shows a moon and stars(the N stands for night)
EM shows a coin(the M stands for money)
E1 shows a laughing face
E2 shows a smiley face
E3 shows a straight face
E4 shows a frowning face
E5 shows a surprised face
E6 shows a face sticking out tongue
E7 shows a winking face
E8 shows a green sickly face
E9 shows a red angry face
E0 shows a red angry face
Shift! shows a large !
Shift? shows a large ?

Different Dances (Make sure that you click somewhere if you click the typing box where you type ur messages.)

Wear the coffee apron to pour coffee.
Wear the chef’s hat to make pizza.
Wear water wings and/or the inflatable duck to swim.
Wear a Hawaiian lei and/or a grass skirt to hula.
Wear a hard hat or a mining hat to drill using a jackhammer.
Wear the lasso to twirl it around.
Wear the boom box to break dance.
Wear an accordian to play the instrument.
Wear the gitar to play the instrument.
(Most instruments and some gears works by pressing D. Those were only some examples.)

Other key effects:
D – Dance
W – Wave (or wear a whistle)
S – Sit
T – Throw a snowball
J – Tell a joke
Y – Say yes
O – Say ok
H – Say hello
B – Say good-bye
N – Say no

Game Cheats

Easy coins
Go to the mines and play Cart Surfer. Keep jumping by pressing [Space] and
press [Down] [Down] [Down] to do a backflip for 100 points. Then, jump and
press [Right] or [Left]. You will spin for 80 points. Keep switching off.
When you come to a turn, grind it by holding [Down] and pressing the [Side].
Eventually, you should finish with somewhere between 230 and 360 coins in less than one minute. Repeat this to get as many coins as desired.

Astro Barrier:
On the level 11 wait for about 25 seconds for a blue ship to appear. Shoot it,
then the secret levels will be available. On level 7, when it tells you about
the blue dots hit it. You will gain an extra life. On level 11, shoot the orange
switch and the other things to get extra points.

Ice fishing:
In the end keep a fish and do not let it go. Keep it in the water and let the
big one eat it.

Pizzatron 3000:
Dessert mode:
Click the giant red lever on the pizza machine until it turns to play in Dessert
mode. You will also earn double the points. Note: You must do this every time you play.

Catching Waves:
When you have a silver surfer and your surfing,rotate your mouse left so many
times in tha air and you will spin about 10 times!but!always click your mouse
when your going down!thats is how you make good money!

Puffles in games:
Red puffles allows you to surf with you in “Catching Waves”.
Pink puffles allows you to give you more air in “Aqua Grabber”.
Yellow puffles dances if you mix a lot of music in “DJ3K”.
Purple puffles gives you extra points in “Dance Contest”.


Walking on Paths!

1. click on a path in any room
2. click on your mail thing (where you get your postcards)
3. wait awile and then exit out of your mail and you should be standing on the path! Other penguins can see this!

Changing other peoples igloos

1. Go to your igloo.
2. Click on your edit button.
3. Then click on your buddy list.
4. Go to one of your friend’s Igloos that is a member.
5. You should be able to move there furniture!


1. Go to the cove.
2. Go to the edge of the RIGHT side of your chat bar.
3. Now click on the edge of the LEFT side of your chat bar.
4. Your Nubbin!

Do A Handstand! (Members ONLY)

1. Hold The Boom Box
2. Hold Down the “D” Key on your KeyBoard
3. You’re doing a Handstand!

*Glitches are taken from Alpha202’s Site



14 Responses

  1. walk on pathways: go to for example town and click the pathway where u would go to dock and then click the mail and wait a few seconds. u should be on the pathway. you can do this at other places too

    by Jakjuju 😉

    also can i join ur site. i can update stuff like this

  2. these arent real cheats…are u kidding me?
    theyre hints
    if u want real cheats go to

  3. Dude… for your information, I haven’t finished writing it all done. is not cheats, they are HACKS.
    I don’t use “hacks” to really cheat on CP.

    Like those are “bad” cheats. Moneymaker and all that are bad. Penguin Storm and all that are illigual 3rd Party softwares k?

    Please get things straightened out before saying that kk?


  4. Cool!Can I take this to my site?

    • Sure! Just say some of them is from Joji 😉 You don’t have to put link or anything.


  5. ok
    1. u spelled illegal wrong
    2. is awesome
    3. its not hacking its cheating
    4. this isnt cheating, these are just HINTS

  6. ok
    1. u spelled illegal wrong
    2. is awesome
    3. its not hacking its cheating
    4. this isnt cheating, these are just hints!

  7. Hey… I know you… XD


    • Hey… I know you too

  8. Hey thanks for giving me credit joji! 🙂

    • No problemo!


  9. This is great!

  10. This Works!!!! Pretty Cool And Can I Add This To My Website?

  11. This Works!!! Pretty Cool.And Can I Add This To my Website?

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