Ninja Guide

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Hey guys! Welcome to Joji’s Ninja Guide! In this walkthrough, you will learn how to become a pro master in Card Jistu in a few hours!

ninja guide3
When you win a match, you will get 10-15 points!
If you lose, you will only get 2-3 points.
You will only get the above points when you choose “Earn Your Belt” mode when talking to Sensei!

ninja guide2
If you have 3 different coloured cards with 3 different card type, then you will win.
You can also win by having 3 of the same card type with 3 different colours.

ninja guide1
This is a guide to help you win!

If you want to beat Sensei you will have to face him around 4-6 times. After that, you will be able to beat him like you are facing a green belt penguin!

ninja guide5
After you successfully become a Ninja, you can now hang out in the “Ninja Hideout”!

ninja guide4
This is how it should look like inside! 😀

ninja guide7
This is the Martial Artwork Catalog… it has many expensive items inside, so save up your money!

SWF link to the Martial Artwork Catalog will come soon…



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