Famous Penguins Information Center

Hey guys! On this page, I will be sharing with you some things about the 6 famous penguins.
They are: Rockhopper, Cadence, Gary, Penguin Band, Aunt Artic, and the mysterious Box Creator.

Rockhopper is known to come to club penguin ever 2 months. This is because it takes aproximatly 20 days to go back to Rockhopper Island. Then another 30 days to departure to Club penguin. He always bring free items for everyone, and some items for members! You can play “Treasure Hunt” in the Captain’s Quarters. Yarr is his puffle, and he is usally on the mast of Rockhopper’s ship, the Migrator. His first appearance was on March 7th, 2005. he is considered one of the oldest in CP.

The word “cadence” is from one of the “terms” in music. Her first appearance was at the “Dance-A-Thon” members event. She is a DJ, and loves to say “EPIC!”. In various “Club Penguin Times” newspapers, she talks in a DJ rap style, and gives out hints to future or upcoming parties. Cadence sometimes brings her “boombox” with her, and she always “break dances” instead of normal dancing.

Gary is normally known as “G”. He is shy, but a great inventor. Most of the inventions you seen in Club Penguin are created by Gary himself. The box dimention was created by both Gary and Box Creator. Some of the inventions includes the Jet Pack, Aqua Grabber, Snow Canon 3000, MP 3000, and some 45 more inventions! Most inventions ending with 1000 are prototypes and they usually fail. The inventions ending with 3000 are finished products. In his lab, he has a huge some 5 monitored super computer, and he is not good at playing games. He is part of the PSA, but is still puzzled who the “Director” is. His first appearance was at the “Halloween Party ’08” in the “mad scientist’s lab”.

Aunt Artic:
Aunt Artic wrote the “Club Penguin Times” newspaper (when workers in CP headquarters actually did it, they just say Aunt Artic did it to make it more CP-ish), and is rumors are said she is a the Director of PSA. When you hover over her glasses, it changes to black. Her first apearance was at the “Penguin Play Awards”. She is very nice, and writes many reports and stuff. She answers fan mail, and is considered one of the easiest to find during the “PP Awards” because she was seen online most of the time. She has many puffles, and types with an old fasion typewriter.

Penguin Band:
The Penguin Band is the most famous of all famous penguins. They are in a group of 4 (they used to be a group of 3 in Penguin Chat, but CP changed it), and their names are Petey K, G Billy, Franky, and Stompin Bob. The Penguin Band had a long history. In Club Penguin, only Petey K, G Billy, and Stompin Bob appeared at the “2006 Winter Luau” party. It wasn’t until Frank joined the team at the “2006 Wild West Party”. Surprisingly, they only started wearing items in the “2008 Music Jam”, so penguins could reconize them easier. One of the rarist background card was the old bacground signed “The Band”, and features really rough versions of The Band. They perform at most of the parties, and they are one of the oldest in CP.

Sensei… hmmm… I’ll research more later…

Box Creator:
Box Creator’s first appearance was at the “April Fools Party ’09. He is a dark blue penguin, and has a player card. He is glitched an is controlled by rsnail. Until then, he will be announced in the “What’s New Blog”. He is the creator of the “Box Dimention” and is partners with Gary. He is not a member for now, and he used to be able to be buddies with. Now most of the glitch is fixed, you can not get his background yet. During the “April Fools Party ’09, he made more boxes in the “Box Store”.

Continues later…



7 Responses

  1. Why is the information ’bout Cadence is blank?.. and who the MYSTERIOUS BOX CREATOR?!

  2. Oh I was too lazy, don’t worry. On my previous posts, I wrote about Box Creator, check it out!


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  4. Cadence means at the same beat or something like that right?

  5. Ya… something like that…


  6. Cadence means rythme…

  7. alley beater

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