NOTICE! Yes, I know, there are many grammatical errors and etc, I will be fixing this page in the future…

heeey, u guys may have many cp related questions in your mind, right??? well, below this sentance, you will find tons of questions and answers that might come in handy! check it out!!!

Q: Who originally created “Club Penguin”, what was it first called?

A: Lance Prieb (aka rsnail) first created “penguin chat”. It was simpler version of Club Penguin.

Q: What is “penguin storm” and “cp trainers”?

A: Those are third party softwares, and they are not allowed in Club Penguin. Although most hacks are client side only (meaning you can see them but others can’t and they are harmless on CP), there are a few hacks that you can get Rockhopper, Sensei, or what ever background with easy by a press of a button.
The creators are Sanity Penguin and Microchip123.


Q:Where is Club Penguin located on the World Atlas?

A: No where. CLub Penguin is a non-exsisting place on the Atlas.
Reasons: -The artic weather in many cold areas of the world, do not have tress. Trees can not survive in such harsh and cold temperatures.
-Puffles are imaginary, adn do not exsist in the world.
-Many of the buildings in Club Penguin (only most such as the lighthouse) are too hard to make in cold weathers, and will “crack” easiliy. Igloos are most prefered.

Q: Are there going to be white puffles in Club Penguin soon?

A: Probably, they are most likely goign to be able to be adopted, because Club Penguin mentioned about it ofte both in the blogs, and in the game its self.

Q: What are snow cats?

A: Snow cats only exsisted in Penguin Chat 1 and 3. Then it returned again in the DS game, “CP Elite Force game”. There is a mini version located in the lighthouse. It is encased in a bottle.

Q: Is Aunt Artic a secret agent… or mabye the director?

A: The answer remains unknown. But in the cp newspaper, in the Aunt Artic secion, if you scroll your mouse over to here glasses, in changes into black. IN of the articles about puffles, Aunt Artic appears in Gary’s Lab. THat is also another big clue to all of us. In some of the missions, the director also wears glasses. THat is all I know for now. Stay tuned.

Q: What was the porpose of Club Penguin?

A: Club Penguin was suppose to promote education to kids of all ages. It was to teach them team work, social talking, and good freindship on the internet in a safe way. Until some hackers created 3rd party softwares, the CP team are now searching for anyone who are using them, and banning them, so the real meaning of Club Penguin can still live on.

Q: I heard the user name “Bed Bug” is not allowed. On the “Community” page, the “Featured Igloos”, it says “Red Bug”. Is CP lying?

A: No Club Penguin is not lying or anything. Read this letter Cp wrote me:

Hi there, Thank you so much for taking the time to write us here at Club Penguin Support, and thank you for bringing this to our attention. I would like to ensure you that we absolutely love receiving our players fan mail, and pass around different pictures penguins have sent in for us while we work. It is always so cool to see what how creative our fellow penguins can be, and always look forward to checking out what they have done, from decorating their igloo, to sending us their pictures in the mail. Club Penguins top priority is the safety of our players, and this can include disallowing names for our penguins. Although a certain name may seem appropriate at first, the word may begin to receive a stigma attached to it, and will no longer be found appropriate for the site. We will then start ID’ing those penguin names, however, allow the older penguin to keep their name as they may have had it for quite some time. The name ‘Bed Bug’ used to have an innocent context attached to it, however, now that the term ‘bed’ can be used in various inappropriate situations, we no longer allow it for the site. This is why the name ‘Bed Bug’ is not appropriate for the site at the moment, and will come up with an error message when you enter it, saying it is not allowed. However, the name ‘Bed Bug’ was previously allowed as a name , and I can assure you that it is a legitimate account. We always are so excited to see how creative our players can be with their igloos, and that is the reason why we love to share it with the rest of the island through the ‘Featured Igloo’ contest. I hope that this helps explain, and if you have any other questions or comments that you would like to share with us, please do not hesitate to let us know. We are here to help! Have an ice day!
________ Club Penguin Support

Q: Club Penguin is so long just to put new updates in the game. Why?

A: This is becasue CP is very busy with things I guess. Think about it, coding is no easy job. It takes time, and those “codes” might be a even 10 pages long! So that is why it sometiems take CP very long to do some stuff.

Well, if you have more questions, I will post it up there, Waddle On!

Joji H


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