Secret Agents Guide

Welcome to Joji’s Secret Agents guide! In here, you will learn how to be one in a few minutes!

Before you apply to become a Secret Agent, you must be atleast 30 days old to apply for one!

To start off, click the “M” badge on the top right hand corner of you screen. Click it.

Click “become a secret agent”.

Remember to follow these rules! Secret Agents is all about keeping Club Penguin safe and fun for everyone. 🙂

If you do pass the quiz to become a secret agent, you will be able to do the following:
-get your own spy phone
-get to go to Super Secret Agents Headquarters!
-you can do lots of fun missions (you can get rewards too if you complete them!)
-you get to buy spy gear (members only)

Before you teake the quiz it asks you want more time if you want to take the challenge. Click yes.

Q) Are you ready to become a Secret Agent?
A) Yes

Q) Pick one quality that you think a Secret Agent should have.
A) Honest

Q) Pick the correct reason to report a penguin to a moderator.
A) Being mean or rude

Q) What would you do if you saw a penguin breaking the rules?
A) Report them

Q) Which type of personal information should be reported.
A) Saying their address

Q) Pick one reason why you want to be a Secret Agent.
A) I want to keep Club Penguin Safe

Q) Pick another reason why you want to be a Secret Agent.
A) I want to help other penguins

Once you finish, the computer will check your answers if you completed them all correct.

After that, there will be a notice in your mail saying “Welcome to the PSA Agent (your name)”.
Now log off, and re log on to Club Penguin.

You will now notice a small dark blue icon on the bottom left hand corner of the screen. That’s the Spy Phone Icon!

It should look like this when you click on it. The features of the Spy Phone is number coded.
Here are the features:
1. When you click the red blinking light, spy tools will pop-out and goes back into the spy phone. The blinking light stands for SOS.

2. Click on there to choose where you want to teleport. You can also click the screen to scroll too!

3. When you seleted where you want to go in feature number 2, then press confirm to teleport.

4. The “Visit HQ” button allows you to directly teleport to the Super Secret Agents Headquarters.

The Super Secret Agents Headquarters looks like this. You can click the monitors to go directly to the rooms in CP. On the bottom right corner of you screen, you will notice 2 mall icons.
The first one “Missions board”. It shows you which means you completed and non-completed ones.
The secound one is the F.I.S.H. Handbook. In the book, there are lots of information to be a good agent, tips and tricks to mini-games in Club Penguin, rules, and a mini-one page catalog filled with secret agent items that you can buy!

Well that’s all for the the guide! Hope you enjoyed! Agent Joji out!



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