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NOTICE! The pictures are a bit screwed because I changed themes. Please wait for theme to be adjusted!

Hi guys, in the gallery, I will be posting new pictures when possible. Some are comics, some are drawn from art class (at school), and some are from contests.

As you may or may not know, please do not copy and paste my art work onto yours without my permission. These pictures are protected with watermarks saying “Property of”.

If you want to post it on your site, please comment below and give me a reason why. Also tell me the site you are going to post on.

Here are the pictures:

This is a comic featuring Muddgirl4000. LOL! It’s kinda true… how cp does it.

Here is a pictures I drew in art class at school. If you look carefully, the lines are made by words. See the below enlargement of the picture! 😀

Here is the enlargement. Look carefully, do you see the words “adventure”? The main purpose of this artwork was to choose a one-word-theme. I chose “adventure”, and the lines are replaced by it.

Here is a comic featuring the 3 winners from my 1,000 hits party. They are Screennog, Chidori 456, and Ojoc.

Here is a really random drawing… or should I say AWSOME picture me and Yorap8 made!

That’s it for now, there will be more coming up in the future! 😀 😀 😀


hay hockeysocks3 here here is some…


coloring page 1

more comeing soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s How To Print Them:

1.Click on one of the coloring page you want below.
2.A New page will come out.
3.Right click on your mouse
4.Click Print Picture…
5.Then another box will appear, click “Print” and you all done!



27 Responses

  1. Hi guys, if you want to enlarge it to max, click the image until it becomes big~


  2. WHOA! the one on doodle is amazing!!! :mrgreen:

  3. I love the one that you so jealous!
    Im good at drawing,but your better than me!(:

  4. maybe, it’s just a suggestion, you should add some colour to your art.
    That would give it a really beautiful finish, the pictures are great.
    Also, Art Gllery has an e, not an a.
    You spelt it ‘Art Gallary’. It’s actually ‘Art Gallery’
    Sorry, I’m a spelling freak.

  5. I also love to draw, but most of mine are on the computer in the paint app.
    I’ll send you some if you like.

  6. THANKS! Thanks for the mistake I made, I’ll change it right now. 😀 No, you are not a spelling freak, it’s good to have good grammar lol!


    • pfft ha i dont hear u saying that to me
      ahem prejudiced ahem

      • You don’t have to disguise your self gamemaster. I can easily check your email that you entered… and besides, IP is the same anyways.

        Well, your way is a bit… uhm “sarcastic”? Dunno.


      • well first of all..
        this is my new name, joji
        second..well duh u can check my email and IP its ur site
        and no its not sarcastic

      • Oh nvm… doesn’t matter anymore.

        But let me tell you something. You make things very “utopian” alike. For example, you think I had bad spelling? Well I don’t keep track so often if I made mistakes or not… plus Internet Explorerer din’t have any spell check or anything. In addition, I’m not prejudice. -_-


  7. Oh, and well, for the comic i didn’t cause it would take too much time.
    For the some sort of “word” clustered art projec thing, it was a school assignment, and I was only permitted to using pencils only.
    The last comic was from a contest, and I had to finnish it asap.

    So ya, I’ll try drawing more in colour. I have other peices of artwork, I’ll post ’em up when I have time. 🙂


  8. Wow… I luv art… I also ❤ the word creation thing… Amazing! Luv it, luv u, luv ur website- ALL HAIL JOJI!!!!! 😀 Plz visit my website and commen on the lamness, and if u do take the time 2 comment, thanks so much! Hey Joji, I draw when ever I can so maybe could I email some of my pics 2 u??

  9. Your an excellent artist!

  10. That April fools one is awsome and so are all of them

    • Thanks! I’m also going to do a Christmas CP comic too! Stay tuned! 😉


  11. name’s Jimmy Page cuz hes the guitar god
    and u havent even played me in halo before
    and to “school that only cares about fat rich people who pays like $1000 and not so much to those who aren’t that rich” thats totally not true
    honestly only like 3 of our classmates were “rich”
    and im not rich but they cared

    • Half true about the “only care about rich kids” part.


    • I’m pro in Halo multiplayer, a beat a lot of real good player in my school. 🙂


      • well then we should go sometime

  12. um you already added me on msn

    • he did?

      • Who knows… I still can’t figure out who she is. O_O


  13. Done.

  14. I did? I don’t seem to have you on my main email account…


  15. yo bla bla you are so mean! i don’t care about your “safety tips”!!!!!!

  16. i really like to visit art galleries because i love every bit of art ~`,

  17. Can people submit art to the art gallery?

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