Club Penguin Times Issue #224 / New Pin

Club Penguin Times Issue #224

Hey guy! Hear is the walkthrough for this week’s Newspaper!

The headlines read “Caves Closing Until Further Notice”! Hmm… that’s disappointing, not more treasure digging and scuba diving! Oh well, it was a blast wasn’t it?

Rory the Construction Worker reported that the caves were unstable and it could collapse anytime! That’s why they had to close it. The good thing, is that the caves might reopen in Frebruary after the support beams are created. Now that’s awesome!

More special news guys! On February 12th, new catalogs and shipments of “puffle accessories” will come to the Pet Shop! Puffles will get to do more stuff with their furniture and possibly a new puffle may come too!

Whoa… that’s a lot of new things coming in February! A new stage play will open up on February 12th, the same day the Puffle Accessory shipments will arrive! This “new play” will feature an Asian type of culture and possibly taking place in ancient China! How exciting! Stay tuned for more news.

This week’s “In Focus” is about Underground Areas. It mainly talks about the Underground Pool, the Mine, and Cart Surfing!

This week’s “Top Secret” is on how to catch Mullet. Basically, you have to let a regular fish hooked on to your hook at the near end of the game as “bait” to catch Mullet. Hope that helped!

Upcoming Events #1

Upcoming Events #2


New Speaker Pin!

speaker pin
The speaker pin is located at the Pet Shop. It’s relatively big, simple, yet funky!



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