Easter Egg Hunt and Other Updates

Hi guys, the Easter egg hunt is here!

Everyone should get this post card from CP. It’s saying how “the hunt has began”!

Now here is the Fun part! To get your free item (which is the pink bunny ears), follow the guide below! Special thanks to Jp568 for helping me find the easter eggs!


Costume Trunk Cheats “Quest For the Golden Puffle”

Because most people chose “Quest For the Golden Puffle”, the play came back. I wish it was “Ruby and the Ruby”, because it is dramatic and I like mysteries. Of coarse, everyone has their own opinions.

Here are the cheats in the catalog. Click the “Golden Puffle” to reveil the “Crook and Fail”.
Once again, all players including non-members can buy the background for 60 coins.

The new pin is the “Chocolate Bunny” pin. It’s at the “forest”.

Well, that’s it! Hope you have a nice Easter Holiday!



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