Why Club Penguin isn’t having the St. Patrick’s Day party.

Hey, I e-mailed Club Penguin asking them why they weren’t having the St. Patrick’s Day party this year. This is what they said:      _________________________________________________________________________________________

Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us at Club Penguin Support.

As Club Penguin continues to grow and players from around the world join in the waddle around and make friends, the events and parties change too.  Events like St. Patrick’s Day are not celebrated in many places in the world and we wish for penguins all over to be able to join in.

There is still St. Patrick’s Day related items and players are having igloo parties in green themes to celebrate. So if you wish to enjoy the event turn green and show your support!

A great way to keep up on everything new and exciting in Club Penguin is by checking the “What’s New” blog from time to time:


Aunt Arctic also releases a new edition of the “Club Penguin Times Newspaper” every Wednesday for all penguins to enjoy.  These are two great resources for penguins to stay in touch with what is happening in the community.

If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to let us know.  We are always happy to help.


I don’t know about you but I really liked the St. Patrick’s Day party. I hope they bring it back next year. -Yodom


My New CPMV!

Hey, I made a new CPMV! It took a lot of time, but it’s better than my other ones! Please rate five stars and comment!

New June Better Igloos Catalog and Pin

Quick Links: What’s New Blog, Fairy Fables, CP Times Issue #191

Hey guys, Joji here! I had to delete the first few pictures, because I want to show people the secret items! Sorry Yodom!

The red circle is where the secret item is when clicked.
furniture catalog1
furniture catalog2
furniture catalog3



adventure iggy
This is my igloo with most of the new items from the Furniture Catalog. Pretty kool eh?


The new pin is in the Light house. It is the Watermelon Pin!

The New Pin is in the Lighthouse!

Hope everyone has a nice summer! 😉


Follow me on Twitter! (CP Posts Below)

Hey everyone, I (yodom, not Joji) am on Twitter so you can now watch my everyone move (pretty kreepy huh?) So if you want to go to my Twitter, go to http://twitter.com/yodomcp! Remember to follow me! ~Yodom

Party Review!

Hey, my party was today and few people came! There weren’t that many but it was fun!

We started at the town! We started at the town!


food Then we went to my igloo for some food!
Then J2 got stuck and the TV so Flippy and I had to help him get out! Then J2 got stuck and the TV so Flippy and I had to help him get out!
Then we went to have some cake, but then something happened Then we went to have some cake, but then something bad happened
Then we started dancing :mrgreen: Then we started dancing :mrgreen:
Finnaly, we went to Flippys igloo and started dancing AGAIN xD Finnaly, we went to Flippy’s igloo and started dancing AGAIN xD

Well, that was the party! Here are the featured penguins!

Thank you to all who came and to all who visited my site so I could have this party!~Yodom


Hey everyone, I am having a party soon (this Saturday) Here is the invitation! party banner

In case you can not read it, it says:

Server: Summit Date: June 6th Time:1:00 P.M. PST Where: Town and moving Outfit: Party hat and summer clothes


New CPMV (club penguin music video)

NOTICE! Club Penguin cheats below… still, watch Yodom’s awsome music video!

Hey, I made a cpmv of Meant To Live by Switchfoot! Here it is:   Hope you enjoyed it! ~Yodom