Cp updates

It’s here! The PPA! Here is the cheats…

First off VOTE! To vote for your favorite play walk up to the voting table (plaza, left) and vote.

Club Penguin have also designed some other rooms such as the Pizza plaza and the Puffle Shop. You can also see many “Penguin play awards” banners to. Here a view of the inside of the Penguin Play Awards:

There is also a back stage where DJ Cadence and Aunt arctic will go, for all you members out there! Check out the backstage:

There are two members items inside the back stage. The first one is a camera and the second is the Awards trophy.

This item is new and was not here last year! Go grab your own camera at the backstage.

And we have one more free idem! Go to the dock…..

Cool hat huh?

I think Club Penguin have made a huge effort on this year’s awards! Much better than last years.

New stage catalog cheats!

Not a lot of cheats in here today, but there is a few…

  • To Get The Penguin Awards Background, Click The Statue – Page 3
  • To Get The Lobster Costume, Click The Tube On The Underwater Adventure Sign – 7
  • To Get The Squidzoid Costume, Click The ‘V.S’ In The Squidzoid Name – Page 10


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    6 Responses

    1. Hey Joji, I saw your message about Crossfire in Lux1200’s site. I already play it. It’s awesome, especially mutant mode. Nice site, I’ll be sure to check it daily.

      Best of Luck,

      • Mutation Mode sucks… unless you play the game with 8 players or less. 2 mutants = oh sh#t!

        Yep… mutants are over powered. 😡

        If you want, here’s my profile: http://clan.z8games.com/charstat_cf.aspx?usn=5835480


    2. I haven’t updated things in a while… still very busy from work. 😦


    3. Hey! I’m having a series 6 coin code contest

    4. Hey Guys! Please Help us reach 100,000 hits on Club Penguin Creations® Everyday! the URL is: http://cpcinema.wordpress.com THANKS! 😀

    5. Hey !
      You’ve been nominated for my Famous Funky Five Awards!
      If you’d like to get more votes, you may create a post for more votes.
      This is where the voting is done: http://flubby123456.wordpress.com/2010/06/05/flubbys-famous-funky-five-award-nominations-2010/
      Good luck,

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