Cp update! woot!

Coming this friday a new CP game is coming. And today i have a sneak peek here is a map!

 Cool ehh? I think it’s somthing with Herbert!  We will need to find out this friday!

St. Patricks Day is coming up so be sure to decorate your Club Penguin Igloo with these awesome St. Pat’s Day-Themed items along with some Penguin Play Award stuff!  



  • Rainbow with Pot O’ Gold – 450 Coins
  • Tree Stump – 75 Coins
  • Wishing Well – 500 Coins
  • Green Clover – 30 Coins
  • Tree Stump Chair – 400 Coins


  • Formal Chair – 300 Coins
  • Formal Table – 550 Coins
  • Red Carpet – 200 Coins
  • Puffle Guard – 150 Coins
  • Hot Drink Machine – 275 Coins
  • Mailbox – 200 Coins

Ok, so you’ve seen all the new St. Pat’s Day items but if your still not feeling lucky enough check this out!  

March-April Igloo Upgrades  


Every Irish Penguin has to have this:  


Its the Green Clover Igloo and it’ll cost only 2,050 Coins!March-April Better Igloo Cheats  


Click the top of the Tree Stump for the Clover Balloon (15 Coins).  



Click the grey stone on the Wishing Well for the Glover Garland (150 Coins).  


Click the mailbox for the Blue Lamp (100 Coins).  


Click the Ski’s for the Snowboard Rack (600 Coins).  


Click the middle of the Stone Couch for the Portal Box (200 Coins).  



Click the middle rock in the Stone Lamp for the HD TV (1,000 Coins).  

Thats it for this months catalog but theres still a St. Pat’s Themed Pin!  

New Pin


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