Pengrino Trying to Delete My Posts?

UPDATE: Some cracked up cocaine dealer hacked Pengrino’s account, NOT Pengrino’s fault, it was 8-years old wimp crappy coder/hackorz who did that. XD

Hey guys, I’m still busy doing my hwk, and no I will no come back until March Break… too busy!

Anyways, I was just checking my blog today, and I noticed a lot of stuff were missing. So I decided check my dashboard… posts… then found all my posts in the “trash” bin. Good thing they weren’t gone for good!

Anyways, I restored them all back and it’s all good now. I’m actually happy I didn’t make anyone admin, or else this site would be a gonner!

Anyways, I realized “Pengrino” was the suspect since all the posts and pages were last updated by him. I checked his blog to see if he mentioned that someone “hacked his account” or something. No posts about it, so I’m thinking he turned against me and tried to ruin my blog, OR maybe his account really did get hacked for real.

Once again, I will be posting in March Break! See ya later folks!



2 Responses

  1. My account was hacked! D:
    Someone sent me an email saying they would hack my wp account.I changed my pass,and transfered my real blog to my other account.I guess the hacker deleted the stuff here because it had the most hits!Im sorry if you thought it was me!I told wp support about this,and responded some questions,and they switched my pass.Im so sorry he did this!

  2. Eh? Alright. I’ll add you back. 🙂

    Good thing I didn’t make anyone admin! Otherwise I’m screwed! D:


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