CP updates

And new pin

Club Penguin has launched a little promotional sub-website for Puffles just like they did for Card-Jitsu Fire. On the sub-website they have the promo video for Puffles, its the same one they had last year for the White Puffle but updated. In it you can see the Orange Puffle! Check it out.

February is basically Puffle Month. Theres new Puffle Furniture and even a new Puffle to adopt! Last year at this time penguins were just able to adopt White Puffles. That time has come again but this time it will be an Orange Puffle!

Remember the Puffle Promo Vid on Billybob’s Blog last February where we could see the White Puffle? Well its been edited and has returned, this time with the Orange Puffle:

Can you see the Orange Puffle mixed in the crowd? Heres a closer look…

This is directly from the Club Penguin Puffle Promo Video!

Check it out for yourself @ clubpenguin.com/puffle

There are also 3 new login pages!

This ones for an upcoming Puffle Show!

This one for the 2010 Puffle Party!

And this one for the Secrets of the Bamboo Forest Stage Play! You can also see two new costumes that will be available in the Costume Trunk.

In the Puffle Party login you can see more proof of Orange Puffles, can you see it?

The “R” is orange, but also look at the “T” next to it. Does it look brown to you? Last year’s Puffle Party had the White “A” before you could adopt the White Puffle


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