Club Penguin TIMES! #225!

Club Penguin has released issue 225 of the Club Penguin Times! with all new edvents! Lets read:

[gigya src=]

Cool huh?? if you are lazy like *cough* JOJIH *cough* *cough* we have a little review  of the important stuff :}

Wooot! the sneak peek before was a Puffel party! It looks Sooooooo Fun!!!!!! Hummm IS this the time when Herbert destroys the party and eat the puffles? comment what you think!  A new play is coming soon!  The Bamboo Forest That look soo cool! Ehh? I think Sensei will like this play! And thats all the big news!

Here is the latest edvents:

-> February 12- New Stage Production.
-> Febraury 12- New pin.
-> February 12- New Puffle Furniture!
-> February 19- New Igloo Furniture!
-> Febraury 19- The Puffle Party arrives to the island!

Gaaa its going to be fun:]


p.s. sorry Jojih it was a joke :]


2 Responses

  1. Ohhhh k? I didn’t get it anyways… O_O


  2. thx for posting

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