Joji is Back… For Now!

UPDATE! I finished fixing all of Hockeysocks’s Posts since December! Phew… that was hard work. 🙂

Hey guys! Long time no see! While you guys were getting cheats, walkthroughs, and updates from Hockeysocks, I was busy preparing my self for exams!

??? Never heard of exams before? Well, exams are like tests, only it covers every single thing you learned in the course of a semester. This means that I had to remember all the chapters from chapter 1 to 12! It’s scary I know! Fortunately, most parts of the test were the most common ones, things from previous tests, lots of common sense questions, and was pretty easy!

There are 4 exams in total; Health/Gym, Religion, Geography, and Math.

I haven’t done that well in Health/Gym, but I did a nice job in Religion and Geography… which was good. 🙂

There is a Math exam on Thursday, so I won’t be online that much on Wednesday.

For now, I am fixing some posts that Hockeysocks posted to make it more “professional”.

Stay tuned!



4 Responses

  1. lol welcome back!

  2. Hey Hockeysocks! I fixed all your posts from December to now! Most of them are still in the same format that you wrote, but I just corrected grammar and spelling. Other than that, I added ~h~s~3~ on all of the posts that you did, and I made new pictures for those that are a bit… “not so good”.

    Your still doing well! Keep up the good work!


  3. lol! i have 1000 hits! yaya!!!!!

  4. Nice! That’s awesome! So your having a party soon?


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