The Great Cave Expedition!

Last week, many penguins realized a “rockslide” in the Mine! A few days later, it started to change shape, and finally this week, it opened up! Yay! So what are you waiting for? Get your Hard Hat, start diggin, find the treasure, and enter a hidden room! The walkthrough below will guide you through the mysteries of the “Cave Mine”!

In the most common places of Club Penguin, you willl find a “Dig Site” sign. Click it to read it!

Click “Go There!” To head over to the Mine automatically.

Before you go into the Mine Cave, get a free “Hard Hat” if you haven’t so.

The Dig Site is fairly large. You can see lights and a small pit to mine for treasure! OOOooooHHHhhhh!

The lights in the cave is powered by a “Snowball Powered Generator”. Throw snow balls in to generate some electricity!

Above is the instructions on how to dig for treasure. All you need to do is put on your Hard Hat and dance in the Dig Site!

To dig, wear nothing except your “Hard Hat” and dig in the areas marked with a green circle. Those are the main areas where the pieces of the “Amethyst” are. Remember, once you dig one area, move to another!

Digging each piece only takes around 5 secounds, and if you do succeed, this will pop on your screen.

There are 4 pieces in total, find them all to claim your prize!

The Amethyst pin is actually quite descent don’t you think? Though, it looks very identical to the “Ruby Pin”…

Once you have claimed the Amethyst Pin the big boulder off to the right of the screen will move. This will reveal the entrance to the Hidden Lake!

The “Hidden Lake” is filled with gold and lots of treasure! You can also see a “broken Aqua Grabber” on the far left hand corner. I wonder why it’s there… In addition, penguins can swim in the pool and members can buy the swim gear!

For those who are members, head over to the sign and click it.

Swim over to the Underwater Room Entrance (Member Only Room).

Now this is part where I become jealous! Members gets to see such beautiful view of the ocean! It’s amazing… all the coral reef, the marine creatures, and a huge shell!

There is a also a hidden, exclusive background for members; it is the “Coral Reef” background. It’s quite obvious if you have a good sight for finding things! (HINT! It’s just across the orange fish!)

I personally like this mini-party very much. Although I’m not a member, the view of the ocean is quite spectacular for members, and is a great place to chat with your friends!

The party will end this Thursday, January 28th, 2010, so dig and party all you want while it lasts!

Finally, I think this would be the new “permanent room” for Club Penguin, meaning the “blank monitor” at HQ will be the Cave Mine!


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