Monchocho Find somthing

Here is what my friend Monchocho had to say about a “special marking” on the rockslide in the mine:

Many of you have already noticed that theres something strange going on at the mine right? Well some days ago a few people told me there was a “P” in the rocks but I didn’t take acre about it. Now the “P” is gone! Wow, why did this happened? Look at this picture before the Mine whole appeared:

Why? Well Maybe That “p” Belongs To Herbert P.Bear!! Hmm… Anyways thats not just all if you go to the mine, you will find that the mine rocks are falling and that theres a whole! Look:

What does this mean? I tried to decompile this but i didn’t found something at all. Do you think Club Penguin has a big surprise for us coming next month? Im sure they are, they always do.

Anyways, make sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think!



8 Responses

  1. are we going to cancel the party? can u make it

  2. Please do, I have exams between 25-29th… and a health exam on the 20th.

    In addition, they count as 30% of my overall mark on my report card. Now that’s A LOT. If I fail my exams… I might not be able to move on to Gr. 10 and will be still stuck in Gr. 9. D:

    Now that’s embarrassing… so I gotta work hard. XD LoL


  3. hay joji

  4. wooh lots of work happy friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. i see ur online! chat??

  6. i also finished a new hedder!

  7. one more thing can you

    Joji can you make me a widget like yours??

    same size

    same spalcel outline

    same backround pic (ice burg)

    same box

    words Hockeysocks3 Club Penguin cheats site!

    my pic

    penguin size same size as yours

    and i think thats it tnx!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I gotta study for next next week’s exam… kinda busy for now.

    Another thing… I’m never on on the chat so probably it’s some impostor or something.


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