New Authors needed!

Hia guys! As you can see, I’m not posting. Why? Here are the reasons:

1. Exams! D:
Yes, we ALL HATE exams! The truely, most annoying, over-the-holiday studying, crap that you have to do well since it’s like 30% of your report card.

2. Provincial “EQ-Testing” stuff
Uhm… each province’s version of it is different. But This “stuff” consists of multiple choice and short answers… and it’s also 30% of your report card. Fortunately, You do this once in every 3 years.

3. Projects! (2x the Oh no!)
I hate projects… and I have to do 3 of them over the holiday! WAhhhhhh! …anyways, I finished most of them, but I’m still friggin busy!

As you can see, yes I’m quite busy. So I need at least 4 new authors. Yes… I know, Hockeysocks3 is doing a good job here, but he’s not real good with grammar…

So, I need the following types of authors:

1. Grammatical, punctuation, and all that person (sometimes… I makes grammatical mistakes)

2. Widgets maker (must be pretty good at making “ok” graphics)

3. Pages Maker (makes nice, cool pages, that are not from other sites)

4. Back-up Helper. (does the little “tweaks” and all that on other pages and posts)

So, if your good at any of the first 3, then I’ll let you be on the team. 😀
Don’t forget to show me your website to check if it meets the requirements.



20 Responses

  1. 1.I will not misspell,and i will use proper grammer.
    2.Im ok at making widgets.
    3.I do make good pages as well.
    4.I will help,and fix up tweaks if needed.

    • Can you give more in fo plz??

    • Yep… I have to agree, …but Pengrinocp, you agree to not screw up my site by

      a) replacing all my widgets with yours
      b) deleting all my posts
      c) make false statements about my blog to others
      d) no wait…. your’e probably not going to do that… XD

      LoL… anyways… I’ll see if your worthy enough to join by ttmr, so stay tuned please. 🙂


      • wooow strong words thare joji xD also what is ttmr?

      • Yes i agree.

      • The “you agree not to screw up my site by” thing is true, common sense, so you’d probably not do that anyways…

        Mehhhh, I’ll put you on the team right now, finishing up some hwk stuff.


  2. hummm he seems good……

  3. Im NOT good at grammar but i edit um…

  4. hehe the only thing im good at is updateing lol

    • …and making nice widgets, html coding, somethings I don’t know, and some pages that I had to correct because there were too many grammatical errors. XD

      Your still pretty good you know. Except I need someone else to help since lots of my bloggers are either busy or quit CP.

      So lets see the following:

      Jojih – uhm main admin here and yes quite busy right now

      Chidori 456 – he quit cp, no longer come back… sigh

      Xlr8 64 – not best to bother him all the time, he’s quite busy

      Alpha 202 – same status as Xlr8

      Yodomz – quit cp… why? Unknown.

      Jp568 – intense business… he haven’t been working on his blog for like 2 months already?

      Monchocho – WTF dunno why I added him for but… maybe just for decorations? LoL…

      Hockeysocks – Mehhh… your’e doing a good job, an if you ever want to take a break, do so. I don’t mind.


      • Lol i will always update this blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Awwwwww missssssss Chidori!!!!

  6. Joji one more thing. You know the star rating at the top of the post????? how did you add that? Also the lil rate this things in the comments how did you ad that to??? Tnx


    • I don’t remember… I think it’s under the the settings or something.


      • I know! On the dashboard there is all those buttons on the side. Like Add new posts, Add new page, well, under Ratings it says settings or reports. Click settings.


  8. Thanks for adding me author!

    • Yep, because if I don’t have another crewmate, then I won’t have time to do other things such as finishing this damn “Provincial EQ-Testing Crap” that I don’t understand!



  9. lol!

  10. Jojih, I’m probaly the best at making widgets. Can make really cool banners and oh idk but I also have really good grammer. Oh forgot to say I can make animated widgets, pin trackers, and can also find glitches no one else knows about.
    Plz add me!!

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