Day 10 of Joji’s 3 Weeks of Penguin Fun! / Winner of the Giveaway Contest!

December 23th – Day10

Hi guys! Today is day 10 of “Joji’s 3 Weeks of Penguin Fun” Event!


Today’s activity are colouring pages! All you go to do, is click the link below to download the file that has the 2 colouring sheets. Once downloaded, print it out, and start colouring!


If you want more fun, then take a picture or scan your completed colouring pages to !

You can do anything you like on the colouring sheets. You can add stuff of your own on to it, or anything you think of! Just remember not to put anything offensive. 🙂

When you submit your colouring pages to me, I will do the following:

-rate how well you did on your picture
-and suggestions and opinions

Enjoy colouring!


Winner of the Giveaway Contest!


On December 21st, I had a giveaway for “Fast DVD Converter”.

So, the winner is… Hockeysocks3! Congraduations! Please check your email for the product code!



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  1. yay tnx! iwill get the code later!

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