Club Penguin Holiday Party 2009

Merry Christmas guys! Is everyone on holidays right now? ‘Cause I am! Today is the launch of the Club Penguin Holiday Party 2009! Below is a quick walkthrough and some cheats from the party. 🙂


We start out with the homepage of Club Penguin. It’s fully decorated with a Christmas Theme! In addition, the usual light blue sky have turned to an “aurora” like night time sky! I really like the night time sky, don’t you think?

Hahaha, here’s me, Joji infront of the Pet Shop. Do you see those Puffle Reindeers? They are soo cute! Too bad I can’t put a reindeer headset on my puffles, otherwise that would be awesome!

Free Items

Before you waddle around the island checking out the cool decorations, why not head over to the Ski Village to grab yourself a Santa Hat? For those who has been on Club Penguin for a while, CP didn’t even change the free non-member item! I really wish they would give a us a free “body item”.

Magical Sleigh Ride

A lot of you may notice the “SANTA SLED!” notice sign in many places in Club Penguin. Click on it to view the message.

It says that penguins can head over to the place where the sleigh and fly around CP to drop preasents down penguin’s igloo chimneys! Click on “Go There” to teleport to the Dance Lounge.

There should be a stairway entrance to the rooftop of the Nightclub. Unfortunately, this event is members only. Although non-members can not join the event, they could click HERE to play the SWF version. 😀

Here is a picture of the Magical Sleigh. It is powered by 100% magic! LoL!
Anyways… do you see that red button on the right of the sleigh? When clicked, it would drop presents. In addition, if you want to get off the sleigh or play again, you can press the red button to descend back to the rooftop or press the green button to lift off and play again.

There is a total of 15 presents you have to deliver. You can keep track by checking how many presents left to deliver on the left side of the sleigh.

Remember, timing is important when dropping the presents into the chimneys! If you miss, then try it again when the next igloo appears. Let me give you guys a tip. When the mouth of the bag full of toys comes into contact with the chimneys at around 2 cm apart, press the big red button, and the present would most likely drop into the chimney. Hope that helped! In addition, if you the presents do drop into a chimney, a bright light would come out from the chimney indicating you succeed dropping the present into the chimney of the igloo.

Once you successfully dropped all 15 presents into the chimneys of the igloos, then something like the picture above would pop up and you can receive your free Santa Suit!

Free Items Preview

Free Item Preivews
Here is what it looks like when you wear it. The one on the left is what non-members with the free item looks like, and the on the right is what members will look like with the 2 free items combined.

New Pin

The new “Snowman Pin” is located at the Ski Lodge Attic. This is first time CP made such a huge pin! Don’t you think? It’s 1x bigger than us penguins!

Igloo Decorating Contest

Don’t forget about the “Deck out your igloo” event! Decorate your igloo using a Christmas theme and submit your igloo before the 20th to be in the contest! A total of 40 winners will be chosen; 20 grand prizes and runners up. Grand Prize winners will receive 25 000 coins, and Runner-ups will receive 15 000 coins!
Both prizes will also receive a postcard from the judges and be featured in the Club Penguin Times!

Click This1
To submit your igloo, click the icon that looks like a “gold igloo” on the bottom right hand corner of your screen when your’e at your igloo.

Click This2
Then click “Yes” to submit your igloo for the contest. There is no need to click it again since you are already in the contest.


Here is a nice video Hockeysocks3 provided. Enjoy!

I hope everyone enjoys the party. So have a nice Merry Christmas and be safe over the holidays!



11 Responses

  1. NICE JOJI!!!!!!!!!! how do you make that annimation?????????????

    • Hypercam + Microsoft Gif Animator = OH YA!



      PS. If you want the full version of hypercam, comment you want it, and I’ll send you the key. 😉
      Although… it’s kinda illegual to do that since your’e not buying the full version. The full version just takes away the “unregistered” on the top left corner of the video.

      • i have hypercam!

      • man it hard to download…………..


      • ? What are ya talking about?

        You mean Microsoft Gif Maker?


      • yes

  2. Merry Christmas, Joji!

    • Thanks Digi. 🙂

      In addition, Mery Christmas Digi!


  3. Hey!

    Want to win coin codes, buddy ads and get your site advertised? Well take part in ‘The Funny Penguin 2009 Raffle!’ You can enter here: ! Please take a look at the instructions on the page before entering and good luck! Also, if possible can you post the contest on your site or tell some friends? Thanks!

    -Oliver @ The Funny Penguin!

    • Yes yes alright. Uhm, nice contest, just remember to decrease the ammount of advertising please. 🙂
      Thank you and have a nice holiday. 🙂

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