Day 2 of Joji’s 3 Weeks of Penguin Fun!

December 15th – Day2

Hi guys! Today is day 2 of “Joji’s 3 Weeks of Penguin Fun” Event!


Today is a fun igloo decorating contest! The rules are simple, who ever makes the most awesome Christmas themed igloo, would be featured on my blog for 2 weeks!

Here are some more rules:

-No copying other penguin’s igloos! If I find any similar layouts of decorations in another igloo, then you would be out of the contest!

-Size doesn’t count! The igloo with the most creativity in it wins!

-Be creative! You can make your igloo funky, organized, or a combination with other stuff!

So what are you waiting for? Start decorating!


…I know. What will non-members do? Well… it’s quite hard to think up a “something” for non-members to do today. Fortunately, I just thought out something brilliant!

Non-members will “draw” a Christmas themed igloo by hand or on the computer. 🙂

Neatness does not count, but if it’s too messy, then it won’t!

Here are the rules for the Non-member version of the Igloo Decorating Contest:

-It can be drawn anyways.

-You can cut and paste igloo items from the internet.

-You may not copy someone else’s igloo or work!

-Size of the igloo does not count, what’s most important is the creativity.

-The drawing must NOT be incredibly messy (ie. a drawing of a four years old… would not be accepted unless he/she have pro skills at drawing. XD)


Please submit your artwork and igloo design to before 12:00 PM PST, December 17th, 2009.
All submissions after that day will not accepted. I, Joji, will judge which igloo or drawing is the best.

Good luck folks!



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