Welcome to “Joji’s 3 Weeks of Penguin Fun” Event!

Hi guys! Today is the start of the “Joji’s 3 Weeks of Penguin Fun” Event!


From today until December 34th, you will be given Club Penguin related activities! On weekends, you would be able to read fun articles about technology and play top rated games that I found on the internet!


December 14th – Day1

Today’s activity is a mini-game challenge! Below are my top scores in 3 different mini-games in Club Penguin! See if you can beat them! When you do, please comment below and I will put you on my “High Scores” list. 😉


Hydro-Hopper – 2828

Catchin’ Waves –Silver board (members): 15658
Catchin’ Waves – Regular (non-members): 3538

Ice Fishing – Flashing fishing rod (members): 296
Ice Fishing – Regular (non-members):352

high scores list
In addition, here are the highscores so far!



5 Responses

  1. I got 321 in Ice fishing members!

  2. ice fishing ~ non members = 348
    catchin’ waves ~ non members = 105
    Hydro hopper = 960

  3. Awesome guys! I’ll put you guys in the “high scores list” tomorrow! 😀


  4. Hey!

    I have a brand new site called The Funny Penguin! It’s all about funny pictures on Club Penguin! If you could please visit (link removed) and comment on the “20 Funny Pictures” page telling me if you like them or not, and which ones were your favourite it would be a real favour. Thank you, and Merry Christmas!

    -Oliver @ The Funny Penguin!

  5. Cool!!!

    Thats AWSM

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