CP Party Sneek Peek!

The big Christmas Party will go from December 18th – 27th and we wanted to show you something that we hope you’ll like…


What do you think? We’ll have more details about the party soon!

It’s pretty busy on the island – Everyone seems to be getting geared up for the holidays! Check out what’s coming up this week:

  • Coins for Change will begin – start saving!
  • New Postcards – with a Christmas surprise!
  • Rockhopper arrives with the Treasure Hunt game!
  • New catalogs – Holiday igloo stuff!

Wow looks fun huh what do you think??



8 Responses

  1. cool blog jojhi

    • Thanks Greenday. 🙂

      Is cahokeycoolstuff.wordpresss.com your blog?


  2. heres the link to the pic its from my buddy, Carrie Girl1 xP

    • I already have enough pics. 🙂 Thanks for helping me though. 😉


  3. Hey Joji, can I show you my Club Penguin Christmas Igloo?

    • Later, one of the events in my “3 Weeks of Penguin Fun” event has an igloo decorating contest. 😀

      Stay tuned for more info. 😉


  4. Jojih!
    What happened to updating my site?

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