Member fun for this month (December)! / Card Jistu Fire Updates / New Toys

Member fun for this month (December)!

Wow! take a look at whats coming this month!!!!!!!!!!!!

new members stuff

Wow im so excited! what about you? And what are you most excited about?



Card Jistu Fire Updates

the video
You can now view the Promotional Card Jistu Fire video at the Dojo Courtyard now!
To watch it, click the screen to view the “semi-low quality” video! Rofl…. XD

Card Jistu Value Deck

There are some new things Club Penguin have released recently, they are the Card Jistu Fire card packs! Here are two awesome ones you might want to get this Christmas…

card jistu fire deluxe
Here is the deluxe one, it has 5 regular Card Jistu single packs, and 5 Card Jistu Fire single packs. In addition, it comes with card codes and a poster of all the Card Jistu cards!

Card Jistu Value Deck
This one is the value one. It comes with 23 game cards, 3 code cards, and 2 stick sheets. Pretty cool eh?

New Toys

new mix n' match 8 pack
Club Penguin Mix n’ Match toys usually come in a pack of 2 figures per box. This special one comes with 8 of them! I know, WOW isn’t? In addition, this special pack comes with 2 coin codes (or maybe more, I’m not sure). This is must buy for those who like to collect figurines!



3 Responses

  1. Hey Hockeysocks, thanks for updating the site for me! I added some stuff below your post and re did the members thing because the reindeer penguin was missing a foot… lol.

    Keep up the good work, and if your sick or busy, don’t post alright? Don’t stress yourself. 🙂


  2. im beter! yay! im stress from life….. nice pics!

  3. Hi there You site is AWSOME, I love it! I would really like it of you would visit my site at: (Link removed) please! You rock! Please comment on it if you can thanks so much ;-]


    Keep up the good work!

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