New Minor Updates on Club Penguin!

Coming soon… tommorow maybe. 🙂

Oh and Hockeysocks, I commented stuff about how well your doing so far posting all those stuff for me. Check your site for my comments. 🙂 I edited some of your posts to make it a bit better, but most of your pictures and what you wrote is still there. 🙂



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  1. Hello.
    If you see this, please VISIT AND COMMENT my site at:
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    I am having an author contest so PLEASE ENTER FOR A CHANCE TO WIN!!!!

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  2. It is simple, do not steal or do anything wrong for the next 3 weeks and you will be in the clear, just like Chrisdog93…

    And are these the many computer edited words of a “Child”? I would think not, could a child have of reported someone to a major website when no others was dedicated enough to the Law? I am tired, tired of others knowing they can steal from pretty much anyone, because what led me to these thoughts was because I was told by a Doctor that I may die soon…It’s my dying wish that the world would be free from the grasp of corruption. I have a Legacy and in the moment of my death, I will pass it to someone who will carry out my work properly and see to it that my wish comes true, there is more behind the story than what meets the eye… I located a productive website Known as “Logical Enterprises” the website that will advance my work, I started day by day watching over sites. Of course, I didn’t report Chrisdog93 another thought the same as me and plunged it under the watchful eye of Logical Enterprises…

    In other words, you already had a warning, everyone had…

    • damn right!

      • Remaining Unknown, Stewiegrif32, and Iraq Attack are all the same person.

        Uhm yes, nice fancy story you got there, I’m sure your going to get a level 4++ on your writing project or what ever. 🙂

        Anyways… I never really do copy, I always use my own pictures and etc. So uhm… gotta go.


  3. *Laughs Silently* Your quite the mouthy one… I take it as some form of weakness, the lesser emotion, I’ve chosen this side as I thought it is right. “A writing project”? it is not of my callibour, a child’s working… And through death you mock me in your pathetic attempts… I was right to report you, a sick child you may be but never the less… I have chosen you as a pawn in my games… you have a part yet to play, it is all fallen together, piece by piece. You have Thought of me as nothing more than a simple-minded child, halfling a “Schoolyard Chum” in this pathetic thing called life… Children can’t reach the wordings of a man proud of the justice system… Neither can the slowest, namely you. My games have more meaning, more will to follow…”I Wanna Play A Game” quotes of movies and treasures is something but this is more, everyday of every minute people get treated as scum, and I’m going to change that… And so will all the pawns pointing to the single place, Logical Enterprises… all the people who report turns the ones of whom who have done the deed over into their chessboard of Internet protection, Chrisdog93 became a pawn, so did, Phil Cassidy, Johnnation, alphadowner3773 and many more… also recently, You, Joji.
    Just think, a world without oppression…better than this rock I can say…

    “Your Game Is To Help And Aid In Our Quest Of Peace, Fail And Suffer The Loss Of Your Site…”

    “Let The Games Begin” goodbye and until the next time with regards


  4. Uhm… well I was saying the truth Stewiegirl. You do write profesionally, very formal, and it’s very to picture in people’s minds.

    Your gonna have a bright future ahead of you, your know. Either your going to be an author of a book, english teacher, or speecher!

    Only, you have to be less tense and stop thinking too dark and only going to one solution.

    First of all, what makes me the total jacka## eh? Like check out my previous posts, I don’t post anything that looks similar to other sites. Only my freinds are a bit lazy and use posts from other sties… that’s it.

    By the way, I’m in highschool… and I’m not some sort of “pawn” in your little game of chess.

    Look, stop talking like your going to screw up people’s lives just because of one tiny posts. At least you can ask nicely???

    One time, there was kid whos banner was identical to Lux’s so I said nicely to him to take it off. That’s how your suppose to do, not some sort of person saying DO IT OR ELSE like that!

    Look, stop thinking all dark and all that crap, take things more of a joke and you know, be less tense.


  5. Alright, I’ll see what I can do with the LE (I think you know what it stands for…) you will be in the clear
    round about… 2 hours from now. I hope we can put all this unsteadiness behind us… Have fun posting and progressing further in taking the web by storm in many ways…

    Regards and best wishes


    • Uhmmm kinda hard to understand what your trying to say sometimes you know… what do you mean by “taking the web by storm in many ways”.


  6. You Know, “keep on blogging!” sort of thing…

    Regards and best wishes


    • Ah, I see, thanks. 🙂


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