Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Fire – Earn Your Fire Suit! / How To Beat Sensei

Check it out, Club Penguin released Card-Jitsu Fire early! Play Card-Jitsu Fire and earn you Fire Suit. Beat Sensei and earn your Fire Gem that goes on your amulet and more. Here are all the fiery cheats.

Go to the Ninja Hideout and enter the Volcano.

You can practice Card-Jitsu Fire with 2, 3, or 4 players. Talk to Sensei to get your Fire Booster Pack before you can play!

Click the screen to go to the next slide.

Before you can start playing you will need to get the Fire Booster Pack, accept it from Sensei!

From there you can select from these options:

You can click “Earny your Fire Suit”, that will match you up with up to 3 other penguins to play with. Or you can click “Challenge Sensei”. You must have all your Fire Suit items in order to win against him (I will make a video!).

If you click on Sensei’s Fire Suit he will give you more information about it and how to get it.

Once you defeat Sensei you will earn the true title of Fire Ninja and unlock the Fire Gem for your Amulet!!

The full Fire Suit looks like this. Just like regular Card-Jitsu you will earn items from your Fire Suit, then when you beat Sensei you get the final items. The Fire Mask!

There will be two more rooms for Ninjas, a Water one and a Snow one. This is directly from Sensei! When we earn all our gems from each room it will look like this.

You can see your progress by clicking the Card-Jitsu Cards on your screen.

Now, come my Ninja’s! Master the element of Fire and become a true Fire Ninja! Heres how.

Card-Jitsu Fire Instructions

To play, go to Sensei and click “Earn Fire Suit” then wait to be matched with other players.

Select one of the flashing yellow stones in the middle. The number on the stone represents how many spaces you move.

You can pick from either of the one of the outer flashing stones. If it lands on the 2 Card-Jitsu Cards in the middle of the outer stones it will be a regular Card-Jitsu Match.

If you pick Fire, it will be a Fire Battle. Fire vs Fire. The higher power card wins. It will even have arrows next to the Cards you can select! This goes for each element, Fire, Water and Snow.

The 2 outer stones that have Fire, Water and Snow will let you pick what ever element you want. You start with 6 Fire Powers, if you loose a round you will loose one of your fire powers (you can see it on the left of your player in a battle). Once all your powers are gone you loose. If everyone else looses there powers before you, you will win!

If your in a round and it has a symbol with a circle then a slash through it, that means you don’t have any of that element.

If you win a regular Card-Jitsu Match you will take one of the opponents powers!

If you and an opponent land on the same tile, you will both have a regular Card-Jitsu Battle!

Card-Jitsu Fire Suit

Each battle you win will get you one step closer to your next Fire Suit item! They go in chronological order appearing bellow.

Look what happens when you get the Fire stone on the Amulet.

Here are some methods of beating Sensei:

How To Beat Sensei

  • If Snow is an option and you have a Snow Card higher then 7 select it
  • Try and pick a regular Card-Jitsu match and pick a 10+ Fire (if you have one), a 6+ Water and a low or high Snow Card
  • He usually picks low Snow Cards and high Fire Cards

Once you beat him you will receive your Fire Gem for your Amulet and the title of Fire Ninja!

You will need to win 100+ battles to get the full Fire Suit then defeat Sensei.

Here are the items you will need to get before you can battle Sensei.

Well i hope all of you become Fire Ninjas Real soon.

Until Next Time



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