Cool New Updates on CP!

Hi there! There are some new minor updates on Club Penguin! Here are the stuff:

New Sled Pin

sled pin
The new sled pin is located at the Ski Hill. It’s pretty cool don’t you think?


New Card Jistu Fire Card Packs

New Card Jistu Fire single packs are here! They come in a sealed cover (very un-ecofreindly), and the card jistu cards inside with a card jistu fire code to unlock online!

In addition, there are special double single card versions with foil “stand-up” paper ninja figures! I would definitely get this for my Christmas present! 😀

Completed Volcano Room!

completed volcano
Here is what many people have been waiting for, the completion of the volcano room! Check it out! The entire place is so fire like!



2 Responses

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  2. Np joji! Your a good Friend too! Oh and when the New Fire Dojo comes out, U, Me, Xlr and Hockysocks should play eachother 😉

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