Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed Play! / Card Jistu Fire Update

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Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed Play!

There is a new play! It’s called “Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed”! It’s a play about how this penguin named Norman, got zapped by a flash of light, and shrinked into a size of a bug! Now Norman has to find his way to turn back to his normal size by the help of his bug freinds!

Unlike other plays, this is the first play where the the “mask” untop is different, and the doors are now turned into “portals”. There seems to be the laser from the “Monster Transformer 3000” too!

The world is bug sized! Look at all those green… this reminds me of the Adventure Party from July! This is like your average garden; bee hives, spider nets, flowers, garden tools, and an apple.

There is also a new costume catalog too! Let’s take a look at it. ๐Ÿ™‚

The first page is the main character, Norman. You can buy his magnifying glass on that page. The page on the right are instructions to undercover some of the secrets of the play!

These are some of the bug costumes you can buy. There are moths, spiders, snails, bees, and even a garden gnome!

For non-members, the can buy a Garden Background for their penguin. The director’s hat is there as usual for those who would like to direct the play. ๐Ÿ™‚

To undercover secrets, you must get 4 penguins standing on the 4 closest X on a particular object. One penguin must be dressed as a bug in the catalog, or else this would not work.

One of the secrets of the play is undercovering the secret underground room. When you see flashes around a particular object, it means a special animation will happen. As you can see, the rock moved and you can now go in. ๐Ÿ˜€

The underground room looks like this. Once you are there, you can not resurface back up in the first floor. You must exit the stage first and re-enter the room through the secret passage.

The treasure chest contains a pin. It’s the crystal pin. To get it, you must get 4 penguins to stand on the X. One of them must be a bug. Once you do that, it should open in a short ammount of time. Once opened, walk over it to get it.

Does everyone love the new play? ‘Cause I do! Enjoy this play while it’s still there!


Card Jistu Fire Update!

Something looks “different” in here. Have anyone noticed about it yet? To tell you the truth, everyone a ninja in here! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Yep CP is going Ninja and the excitement of new things happened on the 13th of November!
Before you go waddling around in Club Penguin, let’s check out some of the cool animations on the homepage!

When you click the black puffle, it will catch and fire and soar everywhere in the website.

When you click on the hot sauce, a ninja will appear and pick it up. Hover where the ninja is, and he will peak out for a few secounds. This is replaces the secret agent.

Let’s check out Club Penguin and see what’s new!
As you can see, the construction is over, and there seems to be a “tomb” with a fire symbol on it.

When clicked, the entrance to the Volcano Room pops up from below. Unfortunatly, the volcano rooms is reserved for members only.

new fire items
Non-members will see a note on the door. It says you need to be a member to go in, you can also see this mini-animation of the fire ninja facing an ordinary ninja.
There are 4 possible items you can get after being a fire ninja:
-Fire Bracelet
-Fire Ninja Cloak
-Fire Ninja Pants
-Fire Sandals

For members, they should open up the Martial Arts Catalog located on the bottom right hand corner of your screen. Buy the Amulet which costs only 200 coins, and head to the Volcano!

It should look like this when you wear your amulet. It very shiny…

The Volcano room looks like this. It’s still under construction, so penguins should get out their jackhammers or painting materials, and start working! XD

On the corner of the volcano lies several mats. Notice how some of them have 3 and 4 divide lines. After the construction, you can face up to 3 or 4 penguins in a single mat, depending on the divide lines of the mats.

Here is a closer look. Pretty neat eh? If you want these pictures, please give credit and please do not remove the watermarks and claim it as yours. Or else I will track you down with ma tracker beam! LOL!


New Postcards!

new post cards
There are 3 new post cards that you can send to your freinds!

They are:
-Norman Swarm
-Hide and Seek




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