Club Penguin Times Issue #213

Hey guys! This week’s newspaper came! Check it out!

Volcano construction!? Cool! This probably means all member ninjas would be helping out at the Volcano to finish building the decorations, statues, safety thing, etc!

The construction of the Volcano starts on November 13th. It never said anything about the finishing of the Volcano.

Read the words in the green box carefully. The last one says it would be the greatest challenge yet! It’s probably a bit harder than the normal Card-Jistu game.

There is a new play on November 13th! It’s called “Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed! The play will be all scaled down to “bug sized”, and it would require teamwork to find hidden things in the play!

Check out the boxed words. It says teamwork is needed as I said above, and there would be a secret gnome room too!

WHOO HOO! Club Penguin is making a new mini-game! I’m so glad! This time’s minigame involves the Snow Trekker from Penguin Chat 3! The game would be a “maze”. You would have to plow the snow in Club Penguin using the Snow Trekker. Stay tuned for more news!

This week’s In Focus is about the Coffee Shop.

This week’s Top Secret is about puffles who can help you in some mini-games.

Upcoming Events #1

Upcoming Events #2



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