New Entrance to Volcano and Volcano Training Room!

Hiya guys! How’s everyone doing? It’s quite cold outside isn’t?

Well, if your cold, then you will heated up in no time! Remember my previous post about the continuation of the ninja training? It was about Card Jistu Fire.

The picture of the Card Jistu Fire training room is located on top of a volcano, but it’s too fuzzy. I’ve managed to find some really awesome pics of those places! Here’s the pictures:

watermarked card jistu fire
This is the finished product of the entrance to the Volcano! As you can see, there is door on its left and it’s all red and carvings of fire are on it. This room was originally Spanish. I had to log in on an English server, and replaced the Spanish ones with English ones. 🙂

door to volcano watermarked
This is a close up of the door. There is a note stuck on it, I don’t have a picture for that so sorry guys.

volcano water marked
This is the Card Jistu Fire Volcano Training Room! I know, the name is long but it’s don’t you think the training room is quite cool? I mean look at it, lava is flowing and the volcano is quite active! The temperature at the Volcano is probably more than 45°C! I’m not sure if I can stand the heat… LoL!

If you look carefully, you can see there are stone samurai penguins, some hot sauce tubes, training box like things, and lava is flowing outside the volcano to prevent over flow.

There will be more news coming up soon!



2 Responses

  1. Hey joji,where did you get these pics?
    Email the pics WITHOUT watermarks please to me! 🙂

  2. can u email these pic’s to me that would be awesom if u could

    ~Xlr8 64~

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