Anouncing New Holiday Event! / NEW Card Jitsu Fire Sneak Peek!

Anouncing New Holiday Event!

Hi guys! I will be announcing a new Holiday Event soon!

A new poll will be on here soon, and you guys have to choose which name for the event I will create for you guys! The super event will happen from December 1st to the 31st. There will be new stuff to do every day, and IT WILL be more FUN than the “101 Days of Fun”. Stay tuned for more news!


NEW Card Jitsu Fire Sneak Peek!

cp fire1
The volcano is still glowing bright! There is no stopping it! …and the ninja training continues!!!

cp fire2
Introducing, Club Penguin Card Jitsu Fire! Soon or later, a new secret path withing the Secret Ninja Hideout, will be unlocked, and ninjas can start training to master one of the elements; fire! The new location is the new “fire ninja training room”.

cp fire3
In addition, there will also be a new game for Club Penguin members! Unfortunatly, you must first be a ninja to play the “new game”.
A new “ninja fire mask” will be also be given if you master the element of fire.

cp fire4
For many months, Sensei was glad that many of his students have mastered the ancient ways of “card jistu”. Now, he will bring us up to the next level by trying master the new game, “card jistu fire”!

cp fire5
Prepare to master the new ancient game, as you enter the door to your destiny! There, you will learn the ways to become a fire ninja!

cp fire6
The secret fire ninja training room looks like this. It is located ontop of the volcano that continues to glow. Things will be heating up as you train there, and you will, again have to face Sensei to be the master of Card Jistu Fire! New items will probably be available such as the “samurai suit” and “fire ninja suit”.

cp fire7
Sensei wears a special “fire robe”. There is a high possibility you might be able to get it! (you like my edit of Sensei?)

If you don’t believe me then go to to see it for your self!

If you the video there is too laggy, then watch it straight from here. 🙂

Stay tuned for more news!



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