New Club Penguin Toys! / Card Jitsu Limited Edition Tin Cans / CP Mystery Pins Book

Hey guys! There are new Club Penguin Toys!

Series 5 Mix ‘n Match

Here are the new Series 5 Mix ‘n Match toys! Quite neat eh?

series 5 mix and match1
Mix ‘n Match Squidazoid and Gamma Gal

series 5 mix and match2
Mix ‘n Match Knight and Ninja

series 5 mix and match3
Mix ‘n Match Rocker and Diva


Series 5 Penguin Plush

Here are some of the new Series 5 Penguin Plush toys! I like the Gary plush, it’s my favorite!

cp series 5 plush
(from first row to secound row, left to right) Canadian Hockey Player, Mermaid, Elf, Gary the Gadget Guy, DJ Cadence, and Santa Claus


Series 3 Puffles

Here are the new Series 3 Puffles. Unlike Series 2, they now have different emotions on their faces.

series 3 puffles

The White Puffle is now included! Yay!


Card Jitsu Limited Edition Tin Cans!

These are the limited edition CLub Penguin Card Jitsu Tin Cans! You can try collecting them all, but that would be quite expensive.
card jitsu tin cans

There are 4 in total, and they either have Sensei, ninja, or some regular penguin in it.


Club Penguin Mystery Pins Book

There is a new book called “Club Penguin Mystery Pins Book. It shows all of the past pins that were released and never before seen pins too!
club penguin mystery pins book
The book also comes with 2 pins (they are wearable not on your penguin, but on you) randomly chosen from the 10 pins that are around the book. What’s your favorite? My favorite is the scuba diver and the blue penguin with the Club Penguin logo!



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