New CP Ninja News!!!

NOTICE! The black puffles that only catches on fire when you put ninja gear on are now gone! I wonder what happened to them…

Hey guys! Although the Haloween Party is over (wahhh, I didn’t much chance to make funny pics X( Oh well!), but something new happened at the Dojo Courtyard!

new cp ninja news
Whoa! Another construction at the dojo? It looks like they are building… an AMULET!

new cp ninja news2
It says “HELP GOLDSMITHS BUILD THE AMULETS”! Hmmm… after the amulet is created it would probably available for everyone to buy! Of coarse… it will be quite expensive too, so save up your coins guys!

new cp ninja news
Here is another picture of it. You can see there’s a prototype of it, and some drawings of it too! This will be exiting!

new cp ninja news5
There is also a new item for ninjas too! Just go to the Ninja Hideout (you must be a ninja first), open up the “Martial Arts Catalog”, and you will see a grey penguin with a black apron! It’s also very cheap! 100 coins only guys! With the black apron, you will be able to hammer a gold anvil instead of the normal iron ones. This is quite neat!

new cp ninja news4
My opinion is that everyone should put on their black aprons and start hammering to finish up the job! 😉



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  1. Hey Joji! Can we meet up sometime on cp.

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