Club Penguin Times #211

Issue #211 of Club Penguin Times have came! Let’s take a look at it. 🙂

This page shows you the main highlights of the Halloween Party, such as the Slime Mine and the Haunted House.

Look carefully at the boxed words. It explains how this is the biggest storm in CP history, and for the fact that the thunderstorm never stops. This is caused by the volcano, and it might be a bigger problem. Because of this, Gary has now went to the Dojo to meet Sensei.

Dang! I didn’t win this time! Oh well, there’s probably more than 500,000 players online that are members, so winnning aren’t that easy. Congrats to all those who won for this week!

This week’s Infocus is about “Spooky Tours”. It’s a tour of the all the spooky things you can find around on the Island!

This week’s top secret is about the “Pizzatron 3000”! Nothing special I guess…

Upcoming News #1

Upcoming News #2



One Response

  1. Hey i cant belive im talking to and im sorry i dont know what about but last time i checked my web comments (just now and i quit it 6 months ago) i sor you were mad so im sorry and hey im guessing u all hate me since i peep hates me so sorry and cya….

    btw Socks01 is banned forever because of some ****in **** so i made a new one and i used 8 coin codes on it and whiles i was buying the toys/codes i thought of u guys and i bought 8 so i can share but now i guess you dont want cause your made at so i used them.
    If your willing to be my pal then im buying more and im not bribing you.

    ~1 C U P A.K.A Socks01

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