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There are new stuff in community! There are new fan photos, fan art, new banner, and a new comic!


The comic is called “Stinky Cheese”. Enjoy!


Screenhog talks Halloween Party!

Hey everyone, it’s Screenhog! (It’s also Halloween, so does that mean I should call myself “Screamhog” this week?)

Ah, Halloween, a time for candy and costumes and ghost stories, and… oh, you already know what Halloween is! I’ll just get right into what makes Halloween special this year:


* “Night of the Living Sled” is back. Yes, Club Penguin’s funniest scary movie continues at the Lighthouse! If you weren’t here last year, you can watch 1 and 2 at the Coffee Shop and Night Club.

* All is not what it seems at the Mine Shack… it’s been replaced with a Haunted House! Try clicking on everything… there are a lot of surprises there.

* After the Haunted House, head down to the Mine and click on the glowing green lamp. The laboratory is back, with some extra clothes to help turn yourself into a monster.

* Ready to go trick-or-treating? 8 candy pieces are waiting for you to find.

* Last, but not least, Club Penguin is dark and stormy! Enjoy it while it lasts! It’s a perfect time of year to play Hide and Seek with your friends.

-Club Penguin Team

By Screenhog on October 28 2009 09:00 | Comments (43)


Halloween Party!!

Hello Penguins!

First off, a big thanks to everyone for making the 4th Anniversary Party so awesome!! We know you love parties and there’s definitely no shortage around here… because the Halloween Party’s here and we can’t wait to hear what you think. Night of the Living Sled 3 has debuted, members can explore a haunted house, and there’s candy to find in the scavenger hunt!


In other news: You know the Offline Activities that you said you really missed? They’re back and they’re gonna stick around! This month it’s all about Halloween. You can even learn how to carve a puffle pumpkin! New offline activities will launch every single month! Check it out in the Fun Activities section and make sure to let us know what you think – we’d love to hear your ideas.

Until then… Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob on October 26 2009 11:03 | Comments (86)


Gary the Gadget Guy Info!

Gary the Gadget Guy
Gary the Gadget guy is in Club Penguin! Unfortunately, he only goes to member rooms such as the Haunted House and Gary’s Secret Lab.
He will be giving out free backgrounds, and will do activities with other penguins too!

In fact, I met Gary a few days ago! He was talking about how he turned all of us to monsters and we investigated the Haunted House! A video will come soon to show you what he does when he is at CP.

Other than that, here are some tips on finding Gary:
-Gary is a shy penguin, so he will only come to servers with less penguins on it.
-Check the two rooms; Haunted House and Gary’s Secret Lab to see if he’s there.
-Gary wears exactly like the picture like that.
-Many penguins usually crowd around him.
-Gary can sometimes be a bot, or run by a staff from CP Headquarters. If he is run by a staff, then you can ask him questions and he would most likely answer them.
-Gary changes servers constantly, so keep change servers constantly. 🙂



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