2009 Halloween Party!

Trick or Treat! The Halloween Party came early! 😮 I have no idea why, but probably because they accidentally put it up early… again. But that doesnt matter at all! Check out the walkthrough and cheats below!

WARNING: All the animated gifs belong to Joji H Cp Cheats. They are created by Joji himself. You can share and copy, but you must give PROPER credit to me (meaning put the creator of the gifs and the link beside or under it. You may NOT alter or modify it in any way. If you do alter, modify, or do not give proper credit to me, I will report the company of the blog you use.

SPOOOOOOKY!!! They placed an advertisement about the the Halloween Party! The part will be there until November 1st, which means you have a week to party around. You can see the outline of the “Haunted House”!

Not only that, but the homepage have changed too! As you can see, there is a sign about the “Haunted House” event. We’ll look into that later in the walkthrough. 🙂


Candy Hunt

98% of all rooms in CP are “Halloween” themed. If I’m correct, only the HQ and the EPF Room are not decorated.

In addition, the “Candy Hunt” has returned! Yay! If you look carefully, there is an “orange pumpkin basket” on the top right corner of your screen.

Click it and there will be 8 outlines of candies. You must fill all the candy to get your awesome prize!


Here is the guide (note that pictures for it will come after I come home from school):

Ski Lodge Attic – The first candy is behind the Jack-O-Lantern in the Attic.

Dock – Click the Jack-O-Lantern with the attached candle. Click it’s Candy Corn opening to get your secound Candy.

Pet Shop – Click the “Candle Light” on top of the shelf. It will go away and a red lollipop will appear. Click it to get your third candy.

Cove – Click on the ghost which is holding a book. Inside the book is a hidden candy. Click it get your forth candy.

Underwater Pool – Look ontop of your screen. Look for the pumpkin that “stands out”. It should be bigger than the others and its eyes and mouth does not glow yellow. Click it get your fifth candy.

Soccer Pitch – click the candy which is inside one of the light sockets. Look at the right stadium light stand. Click it to get your sixth candy.

Forest – Check out the bush that moves near the back of the screen. Click around the bushes and see if the caramel apple comes out. Click it to get your seventh candy.

Underground Mine – This is the last one! On the bottom right of your screen, there should be a “pixie candy” sticking out. Click it to get your eighth and last candy.

After your done, click the “Claim your prize” button, and get your free Jack-O-Lantern Background for your background!


Free Items

The “pumpkin antenna” at the Plaza. Anyone can get this item.

The “giant pumpkin head” is located at the “Haunted House”. Go to the “Mine” and enter the Haunted House to get it.

free items
Here are all the 3 items you can get; The giant pumpkin head, pumpkin antenna, and the Jack-O-Lantern Background.


Haunted House

What’s this? A Haunted House in Club Penguin!? AWESOME! The Haunted House is located at the Mine. Unfortunately, it is Members ONLY. Sorry non-members!

Although non-members can’t go in, they can click on the fun animations on the Haunted House. They can open windows, and make a branch with bats hanging out come out from the house.

This is how the Haunted House looks like. It just looks like the usual, haunted, feeling! There are many clickable areas of the Haunted House. Up there, you can get your free giant pumpkin head!

Below are only the few awesome animations in the house:

Haunted book shelf

Haunted musical instruments

Haunted fake door

Haunted flying book

Haunted coffin

Haunted Fireplace

Haunted pumpkin lights, pictures, and medallion


Gary’s Secret Lab

The entrance to Gary’s Secret Lab was always located at the Book Room. Club Penguin have now changed the location to the Cave! Unfortunately, this is also a member’s only room. 😦

Click the “flashing glowing lamp” to revel the secret entrance to Gary’s Lab!

It should look like this when you go in it. The entire room is black and white, no other colours.

monster maker
There will be a switch in the room. When you click on the switch, it will generate thousands of thousands of electricity on to…

The concrete table where you lie on it and turn into a MONSTER!!! (Joking! It’s just special effects! 🙂 )

If you click the piece of paper on the bottom right corner of your screen, it will show some items that can make you a true monster! BWA HA HA! ROFL! XD


Night of the Living Sled Series

Here are some videos from the “Night of the Living Sled” mini-movies!
You can watch…
-Night of the Living Sled in the Coffee Shop,
-Night of the Living Sled 2 in the Dance Lounge, and
-Night of the Living sled 3 in the Light House.

The video contains all three movies of Night of the Living Sled.



3 Responses

  1. Awesome Animations!

  2. TY! You can use them as long as you give proper credit. 😉

    I’ll post more animations today. If you want the link for the awesome Video to Gif converter… I’ll send it and a few other awesome stuff by email.


  3. It’s not common for me to see articles that
    are in the same class as yours. I shared this on my twitter.
    Many thanks to you for posting this!

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