Club Penguin Times Issue #209 / New CP October Post Cards / Squidzoid Vs Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal!

Club Penguin Times Issue #209

Hi guys! Im Posting for Joji because hes busy!

Theres a new Newspaper out!

Newspaper #209

The Halloween Igloo Contest Starts Tomorow! 20 Winners win… 50,000 Coins!! Its like winning the lottery! lol!

Halloween Igloo Contest2

The 4th Club Penguin Anniversary Party is on the 24th! And its only for 1 day so be sure to get the new Anniversary Hat!

Club Penguins 4th Ana. Party2

A Storm is coming to Club Penguin! Gary says it could hit Club Penguin on Halloween! … Shocking right? :/

cp Storm2

The Secret is:

Secrets 11

The Events Are:

Event 10

Yay! The Halloween Party is coming soon!


New Play Squidzoid Vs. Shadow Guy and Gamma Girl!

Theres a new Play in the Stage! Squidzoid Vs. Shadow Guy and Gamma Girl!

S vs. SG GG


New October Postcards!

Theres some New Halloween Postcards Out!

new postcards


New Pin!

Theres a New Pin Out! The Football Pin! In the Lodge Attic!

New Football pin



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  1. How about im a pretten? xD LOL but yes im “preteen” Im 12

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