Club Penguin Times Issue #207 – Blizzard Wizard Costume

club penguin times

Halloween Costumes (a special look at the Blizzard Wizard Costume!), Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal, Sensei’s Fortune Cookie and more!

Halloween Costumes

halloween costumes oct2

October is a big month in Club Penguin from the Halloween Costumes to the Halloween Party! The Gift Shop will be releasing its annual Halloween Edition of the Penguin Style Catalog tomorrow. Pick up all your favorite Halloween Costumes including some brand new ones and some all time favorites. Heres a look at one of the new costumes coming this year, the Blizzard Wizard!

blizzard wizard costume sneak peek

This costume will be available in the Halloween Costume Catalog this Friday along with the Mad Scientist Outfit, Fairy Outfit, Frankenpenguin and many more.

Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy & Gamma Girl

squidzoid shadow guy play

The popular monster fighting, squid flinging play is back and better then ever! Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy and Gamma Girl will be back at the Stage October 9th featuring a new Monster, new Effects and a new Script!

Sensei’s Fortune Cookie

senseis fortune cookie2

Sensei’s Fortune Cookie reads:

“Stay ready. Look to the Mountains, and watch for changes in the wind.”

All of Sensei’s Fortune Cookies have been right before. This has something to do with the Volcano that has been smoking and the recent hunt for fiery items. What could he be doing with wind, first fire now wind! More on this soon.

In Focus

in focus jobs

In Focus: Jobs.

Top Secret

top secret

Wanna earn a special bonus prize in Jet Pack Adventure?…

spoiler jetpack adventure

Finish without collecting a coin and get 1,000 Coins!


puffle so cute o

The favorite Puffle Puzzle Game is back on page C6! I’ve seen this a lot recently, I’d like to see more word searches or some new Mini Games!

Upcoming Events

halloween upcoming events1

halloween upcoming events2



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