Day 2 and 3 of Construction

Hey guys! This is day 2 construction!

Here is a list of things I’m going to add today:

How to Become a… (idea from Monchocho, credits to Moncho will be added 😉 )
-How to become a Ninja (new pics will be added to replace old ones)
-How to become a Tour Guide (new pics will be added)
-How to become a Secret Agent (new pics will be added)

-CP Music Page
-How to Draw a Penguin
-Art Gallary

Pages that still need to be made into widgets (will not be made today):
-Complete list of Cheats and Glitches widget
-CP Music Page
-Da Rules
-How to Draw a Penguin
-Support Page (original was Joji’s Widget… the name will change to Support Page soon)
-Ninja Guide
-Pixel Penguins
-Secret Agents Missions 1-10
-Wierd Things on CP


5 Responses

  1. Im not sure cuz i dont use adobe elements

  2. Well, to erase picture backgrond precisly i used the magic eraser

  3. Umm…… loook for videos on youtube, thats the way i learned 😉

  4. I already have vista… and about what you want me to tell you to do, just keep being nice to people thats all i ask for 😉

  5. hmm, nice site! ill come here more often 🙂

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