Site Under Construction!

Yes! The site is under construction!

I am currently costimizing the site, so YOU guys can check out the latest cheats with ease!

Here is what I’m going to do for the next week or so:

-New widgets such as new igloos catalog widget, and penguins style widgets (you already seen a few of my new widgets under “Extras”!)

-New header will go with the haloween theme with new graphics and font style (now it comes with glow!)

-New support page will be added so you guys can get all my awesome widgets!


For now, posts will be delayed, but I will try my best to post most of them. 😉


For now, some lines will be extended a bit wierd, I will try to fix them until September 20th posts.



2 Responses

  1. Yes i did used Adobe Photshop 😉

  2. How to make awesome pictures:

    To cut pictures exactly how you want here are the steps you must follow:

    1. Make sure the image of your penguin that selected (in this case your penguin player card) Make sure there no ackground behind it just a blue nice background…. you know no background just the blue neutral background.

    2. Use the magiceraser and just erase the blue background.. thats all dont modify it cuz if you erase other thing it will get all mess up.

    3. After you did that just edit the picture by pasting it on a cool background or making one your self…..

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