Club Penguin Volcano Time Line/Hidden Club Penguin secrets (NOT REVEALED)

Hey this is xlr8 64 posting for joji H

Since we now know there is a Volcano in Club Penguin. I did some digging and here is what I found!

volcano 1

If you look closely at this Picture from October 2008 you can see the Volcano, or Tallest Mountain has always been there. It is only until now that it is being to erupt.

volcano 2

If you look at this Picture from November/December 2008 (after the Dojo is fully uncovered by Snow) you can see the Volcano (Tallest Mountain) In the background.

club penguin tallest mountain5

December 2008, A Blank Monitor in the Secret Agent HQ appeared and has stayed blank every since. This could be for the Tallest Mountain Room (Volcano).

club penguin tallest mountain4

In May 2009 Billybob posted this Upcoming Events – Sneak Peeks post with the picture above. He said a New Room would be coming and the Sneak Peek had a picture of yet again, the Volcano!

volcano 3

September 2009, The Club Penguin Sky turned orange! Sensei wanted us to find Fiery Items! Even during this even, in the background of the Dojo sits the Volcano.

volcano 4

Monday September 21st. The first signs of the Volcano erupting occur. You can see lava bubling inside of it as smoke runs into the sky.

club penguin volcano

Monday September 21st, Billybob posted this picture of the Volcano. A sneak peek in the Club Penguin Archives that he never posted until now.

All this time the Volcano has been in Club Penguin, since the beginning and we never knew until now!

Hey Guys Check this out its pretty big

Remember when I told you about the new rooms Club Penguin will open? And I said that it might me the tallest mountain? It could be, but we still don’t know. But I think it will be in the mountains and the entrance might be from the Dojo Courtyard. Did you see the waterfall in the left of the screen? There’s a path leading to it. So that must be the new room. I will show you a picture.

new room

Hey everyone! I’ve got some cool exciting secrets in Club Penguin.

The first one is pretty late because it was before Sensei revealed himself.

This was when the Dig-Out-The-Dojo project was still going on.

If you were there and looked at the top-left corner of the screen… You would’ve seen a shadow.


Here is a more closer picture…

WHAT IS THIS?!?!?!?!?!?What is it?? The white part is a tree it can’t be Herbert and the thing that came out was some dark brown color (Look in the picture above). It couldn’t have been Sensei because he was digging in the right side of the screen with the name “??????”.

  • Somebody sent an e-mail to the Club Penguin Team about this “Yeti” and the answer from them was:

“It’s great to hear from you! Really?! You have heard there was a Yeti? Well there has been rumors about Yeti sightings but our explorers haven’t released anything about them yet. Although we have no hard evidence on the Yeti yet, this does not mean there isn’t one. If there is one, we have to make sure it is friendly to penguins! Keep us updated on any new information you hear about the Yeti for we would love to stay informed. Waddle on!” – What could this mean?



2 Responses

  1. look on the white part; theres red and blue

    blue part is like the ninja mask.
    red part is like a mouth.
    😮 its the yeti from a cartoon of roudolph or something to do w/ x-mas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the blck part looks like a drll of someshort.

  2. also, in HQ i have seen the Dojo screen, but CP needs 1 JUST for ninjas: only ninjas can see it: to go to the ninja room. tht be sooo cool and the Spy phone also has a ninja setting only for ninjas.

    i hope the new room is open SOON!!!!!!

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