Better Igloos Sept-Oct Furniture Catalogue / Igloo Upgrades

Better Igloos Sept-Oct Furniture Catalogue

The new Better Igloos Catalogue has arrived! The time’s theme is “back to school”!

As you can see, there are lots of “back to school” items, such as computers, chalkboards, and puzzle mats. CP has also added the Green Puffle Beanie Bag that was voted last month!

Some old items has returned such as the Ticket Booth, Pop Corn Machine, and the Velvet Rope. There are also some new circus items!

The Cheats!

Remember you have to click inside the “green box” to reviel the items.

Click the Ticket Booth to reviel the Piano (pricy…).

Click the Window to reviel the Bowling Alley.

Click the Oven, to reviel the Refridgerator.

Click the Gramophone to reviel the Band Stage.

Click the DJ Table to reviel the Wall Speakers.

Click the Construction Barrier to reviel the Bowling Pins.

Click the Pillar to reviel the Guitar Stand.

Click the Torch to reviel the LCD Screen.


Igloo Upgrades

Halloween Catalogue already!? That’s fast… it’s still September! Oh well.

If you flip the pages a big, you can buy the Jackolantern Igloo… but I don’t advice you to buy it now, wait until it’s close to Haloween THEN buy it. 😉

Other Cheats

Click where the metal wedge is on the “Floor Removal Page” to reviel the Secret Stone Igloo.

Click the door of the “Deluxe Snow Igloo” to reviel the Deluxe Stone Igloo.

iggy cheats3
Click the four “candy” words to reviel the Gingerbread House! Mmmmm… tasty! LOL

That’s all the cheats and walkthroughs for now! My party review will be posted very soon guys! I promiss!



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