WARNING! Dangerous Chat!!!

Hi. A lot of you should know XAT, right? Well. there is a chat called “Professor Lax” chat and it is DANGEROUS!!! Click “more” to find out why Lax Chat is dangerous.

Professor Lax chat… may seem like a normal Club Penguin chat for everyone… but there are some hidden dangers in it!

The chat was originally owned by Professor Lax himself, for some reason he quit and mysteriously disappeared both on his web page, and his chat. The mods and owners on the chat then began being more ruthless and banned and kicked people for fun. Yes that’s right. They kick and ban for fun! Well, most of them that is. Not only that, but they cuss a lot too! THEY ALSO BAN PEOPLE WITH HORRIBLE JUDGEMENT!

For example, I just went on the chat, didn’t chat at all for the next 10 secounds, then Offence Star PERMA BANNED me for no reason! WOW that was crazy! Not even the the trustworthy mods and owners did ANYTHING! The mods and owenrs didn’t even unban me! Like what kind of people are they any ways?

Annalise kept being an IDIOT and being mean to me and I’m just protecting my self! The mods and owners how ever, supported HER! THen one of them, Jenna, BANNED me because I flammed Anna? WHAT!?

LOW CLASS IDIOTS WHO LIKE SWEARING AND BANNING LIKE CRAZY! Of coarse, not everyone is like that, only some. Here is the chart: 40% of the people are really bad, 20% of the people are just bystanders, and only 10% of the people ARE really good.

Oh, and I’m NOT lying! This is 100% real fact.

So see what I mean? This is what happens a lot of the time if you’re on Lax Chat.

So, please tell your freinds to BE CAREFULL and try NOT to go on the chat AT ALL!!!



15 Responses

  1. more news on my site

  2. hey dude

  3. ummm… yes ur on my blogroll joji… my “Best Friend Blogroll” not my “Blogroll” 😉

  4. lol, ok, i hopfully will make it to next party 😉

  5. yes its real!but can i copy this on my blog please!


  7. Fake? Ya, now he’s back but you know, the chat is still dangerous.

  8. ive seen proffesor lax b4 i think

  9. Thanks For The Warning! You Rock! 😉

  10. ??? what is Lax chat anyway? I use xat sometimes and msn

  11. Ohhh its xat. Lol i thought it was some kinda special chat

  12. I heard that Professor Lax was hacked by the Walruses.

    • That’s what I also heard too.


  13. “Ok this is how it happened.

    -Lux got the pic.
    -Sara was mad that Lux didint give credit.
    -Lux then put credit.
    -Sara was too lazy to erase “Lux stole my pic!”
    -Lux… for some reason got another pic from Fano.
    -The end.


    The problem with Lux1200 was that he removed Saraapril’s watermark and added his own.

    • No, Lux got a new pic from Fano. That’s why he toke away the old on. Get it?


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