Club Penguin Ninja NEWS!!!

This is Joji, and I have some amazing news! The sky in Club Penguin has changed to red! This is extremely weird!!! What I know so far, is that this is related to Ninjas!

Sensei has given us a scavenger hunt to find things! Click the “fire” icon on the top right corner of you screen.

This should pop up. You have to find 8 items in order to get your prize that Sensei would reward you if you finnish the scavenger hunt.

The Scavenger Hunt

The first item is located at the Ski Lodge. Click the log in the fire place.

The secound item is located at the upper floor of the Cofee Shop. Click the candle to obtain the secound item.

The third item is located at the Pet Shop. Clikc the black puffe once. After you see a little fire on it’s head, click it again to get his “flamed peice of hair”.

The fourth item is located at the Mine. Click the lamp to get the fourth item.

The fifth item is located at the Pizza Parlor. It is located beside the 101 Days of Fun Pin. Click it once let the hot sauce settle, click it again to obtain it

The sixth item is located at the Cove. Click the stick that is below the fire to obtain it.

The seventh item is located at the Beacon. Click the jetpack once. When it rans out of fuel and comes back down, click it once more to obtain it.

The eighth and the last item is located at the Dojo Courtyard. Click the lamp on the left to get the last item!

Now you got all the items! Click “Claim Prize” to get your reward!

Your reward is the “Fire Pin”.

*Much remember the day back in November when the Dojo was struck by lightning during the Halloween Party and many Ninja’s were spotted around Club Penguin as a mysteroius penguin came to save the Dojo. That brave penguin who we now know to him as Sensei. Brought us a game called Card Jitsu and gave us ninja mask’s and belts. Now he needs our help! Complete the Sensei Scavenger Hunt and then head to the Ninja Hideout. You will find major Dojo Construction. Sensei needs us to make heat. We dont know why but it has to do with the Flaming Puffles spotted around Club Penguin!

Strange Contruction at the Ninja Hideout!?

Of coarse… now that you finnished the scavenger hunt, let’s check out why Sensei needs all this “firery” items! There seems to be a little construction like thing going on at the back of the Ninja Hideout. I can also see the items I collected and everyone elses!

Whoa! There’s full of ninjas there, and look! Big gears which are rotating the thing that drops all the firery items into the pit! This is very VERY strange!

How to Contribute in the Construction

If you want to help out Sensei, then follow these instructions (note that only members can do this!):

Wear the following ONLY:
-Ninja Mask
-Ninja Suit
-Wave Bracers

Now stand in the pit where it says “Stand Here!”, and press “W” on your keyboard or click the Wave button on your blue command bar on the bottom of your screen.

Once the wind produced the by Wave Bracers reach to the gear, it will spin and the firery items will fall to the pit.

Sensei’s Apearance!

Rumors said that Sensei has been visiting the Ninja Hideout a lot lately, and the rumors are true! If you ever meet him, you can get his special autographed background!

**The wise old penguins has also said this:
“The Water And Ice Elements Are Resting, and the fire Element is growing, we must prepare… The fires Will Be Used To Awaken The Mountain!!!, The fires Hold Great Secrets, only a great fire can stroke the fires of the mountain.” That Is All Sensei said to us!

What could this mean? It might has something to do with the talllest mountain! This could also mean a new room for ninjas too! AWESOME!

This has been a special report by Joji H! Stay tuned for next time for more mysteries to be solved!

*Short history about the Dojo wasa retrieved from Lux1200’s Site. I own no part of it.
**Sensei picture and description was retrieved from Yoda Ad’s Site. I own no part of it.


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