Penguins Tales Update! / Black Puffle Mystery!?

Penguin Tales Update!

There is a new book in the Book Room (located on the upper floor of the Coffee Shop)! The winners from this past July has been announced, and their stories has been published on to the Penguin Tales book!

Click on “Penguin Tales Volume 3” to read the 4 winners’ stories!

Congraduations to Chewydr, Pamelin40, Myndynha and 4884lune for their awesome stories!
By the way, if you haven’t noticed, 1 story is taken from the 4 different lanuguages available in CP. They are English, Portuguese, French, and Spanish.
Did you know that the French word in “lune” in the name 4884lune, actually means “moon” translated to English?


Black Puffle Mystery!

Black Puffles are the most silent of all the puffles on Island. Recently, they have been acting quite weirdly… lets take a look.

You can spot black puffles in 4 differently places. This is only one of them, it is located at the Skii Vilage.

Another puffle is located at the Forest.

Hmmm… this one is located in the Dojo Courtyard? Could this mean… Black Puffle Ninjas!? Who knows… O_o

WOW! 2 of them are at the Ninja Hideout! This is very interesting… (Note that you can not see those 2 anymore at the Dojo Hideout since some kind of construction is going on!)

If you wear atleast a ninja suit, black belt, ninja mask, wave bracers, or any other ninja accessaries, then those black puffles would light up. 🙂 Kind of interesting…



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  2. Awesome dude!

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