Club Penguin Times #204 / New Fun Fair Items! / New Play! The Penguins That Time Forgot / New Pin: The 101 Days of Fun Pin! / New Post Cards!

Club Penguin Times #204

On the headlines, it shows the Penguins that Time Forgot! An old play that started a year ago!

The special artical is explaining to all of you to come visit at the stage for some prehistoric fun!

Rockhopper is explaing how the Fun Fair is a BLAST so far! One of the most best parties EVERRRR!!! Remember, the fair ends on September 13th, so have fun there while it’s still on! This also means for YOU GUYS to remember to come to my party on September 13th too!

101 Days of Fun is almost over! OMG, I’m going to miss that so much…

!? What’s this? There’s a surprise waiting for us! I’ve read the first activity, and I’m guessing it’s going to be the Book Room.

This week’s In Focus is about Ninjas.

This week’s Secret is Game Upgrades! Here are some info:
-Tobogans for Sled Racing doesn’t change the speed, but just looks different.
-Wakeboards doesn’t affect or do anything while playing Hydro Hopper, but again, it just looks nicer.
-Only silver boards will make jumping off the waves higher up in the air so you can earn more points. Other boards won’t make you jump as high.

Upcoming Events #1

Upcoming Events #2


New Fun Fair Items!

The Fun Fair is almost done, yet new prizes has arrived!

news fair items1
For Non-Members, they can redeem points for the new purple hat, which costs 150 tickets.

new fair items2
For Members, they can redeem points for 2 items. One is food stall (furniture item), and the other one is the other one is the mustache. Food stall costs 300 tickets, and the mustache costs 60 tickets.


New Play! The Penguins That Time Forgot

dino play1
There is a new play (old)! It is called “The Penguins That Time Forgot”. It is based on a prehistoric theme with dinosaurs and volcanos… but I don’t remember penguins and dinosaurs being alive at the same time… XD

dino play2
This is how it looks like inside. This time, they replaced the orange, big headed dino, with the green spiky bodied like dino. Have you noticed? You can also use the Switch Box 3000 located on the bottom of your screen to make some of the props on the stage animiate!
As you can see, this is based on the prehistoric version of the Town! Grub is the Coffee Shop, ClubClub is the Night Club, and Stuff is the Gift Shop!

The Costume Catalog (Trunk)

dino play3
Lets now look at the Costume Trunk. As you can see, its design is from last year’s so it looks different from recent new plays!

dino play4
The first plays displays Chester, the main character of this play! You can buy his “cheap time traveling hat” on this page.
dino play5
The secound page displays tiki masks.

dino play6
The third page displays the two other characters, Klik and Critterkoo. You can buy their costumes on that page.

dino play7
The last page always displays the Director’s hat, and a background that everyone (including non-members) can buy!

Hidden Items!

dino play8
The only hidden item is on the first page. Click the “g” in “Forgot” to reviel the “grass skirt”.


New Pin: The 101 Days of Fun Pin!

news 101 pin
There is a new pin, as described on the 99th day (September 10th) of the 101 Days of Fun! It is located in the Pizza Parlor, NOT in the Book Room. The pin is called the 101 Days of Fun Pin since the 101 Days of Fun is almost done, so they made a pin of it! In my opinion, it looks quite nice!


New Post Cards!

new post cards
There are 4 new postcards! They are:
-Find the Pin
-Re-Decorated Igloo
-Penguin Times Forgot (This post card changes every time a new play arrives)
-Puffle Performance
They are all really good post cards that you can send to your friends, or advertise that you have like a party or something in your igloo!
Here is an example by using “Re-Decorated Igloo”: You first sent that post card to random people, then in capital letters, type in “the type of your new decorated igloo”, press enter to sasy it, then lots of people would come to your igloo! Easy advertisement! 😀



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